Halls Contact Lists

Information Services provide a number of email lists for authorised staff to contact students living in halls.

These lists:

  • are updated daily from student data in AStRA
  • include students in the current academic year only; the rollover date from one academic year to another is 01 September.
  • exclude students who no longer have access to AU email
  • are available to Campus Services staff only 

Students living in a hall

All students living in a hall Use hall-#hallcode#@aber.ac.uk Replace #hallcode# with the appropriate code from the table below
All students living in a particular block/flat  Use hall-#hallcode#-#block#@aber.ac.uk

Replace #hallcode# with the appropriate code from the table below

Replace #block# with the relevant block or flat number

All students who have a current termtime address which is not a halls of residence  Use hall-priv@aber.ac.uk  

 Hall Codes

Hall CodeHall Name
BRYN Bryn Derw
CLAR Clarendon House
CWRT Neuadd Cwrt Mawr
FPEN Fferm Penglais
GWAL Gwalia Residences
PENB Neuadd Penbryn
PENS Neuadd Penbryn (Welsh Medium)
PENT Neuadd Penbryn (Welsh Medium)
PJMV Pentre Jane Morgan
ROSS Neuadd Rosser
ROSG Neuadd Rosser (Block G)
TREF Neuadd Trefloyne
ZFAR Penglais Farmhouse
ZGOD Godre'r Glais
ZLON Lon Hendre