Information Services can provide digitised copies of chapters and/or articles on module reading lists, subject to copyright clearance, licence restrictions and cost centre funds. Once material has been digitised, it is made available to students via a Digital Content Store link directly uploaded to the Aspire reading list.

The Library provides the digitisation service through the online reading list system known as Aspire. Once the reading list has been published for review, the Library will automatically be alerted. The digitisation team will check the reading list and digitise only the chapters and/or articles that have 'Please digitise' added to 'Notes to Library'. 

Digitisation procedures are regulated by the CLA licence which authorises only designated individuals to obtain and/or create copies. These designated individuals are the library staff within the digitisation team who offer professional scans and ensure compliance by:

  • checking for any copyright restrictions
  • keeping records and reports as stipulated by the licence 

Further details on the Copyright Licensing Agency licence can be found here.


Digitising material has many benefits. Making items more widely available in this way means…

  • all students on a module can access the item/s outside library hours
  • distance learners and other off-campus users can access items from wherever they are
  • the pressure on loan stock is reduced
  • problems of missing/mislaid items are reduced
  • library resources more effectively meet the needs of your students
  • we can be sure that we adhere to the CLA scanning licence conditions - copyright infringement could potentially mean the loss of the licence, penalties and costs
  • encouraging students to read more widely
  • making materials which are currently only available in print available to a larger number of students


Availability varies depending on where the item comes from:

  • Items digitised under the CLA licence can usually be made available within four weeks
  • Some items may not be available at all owing to copyright restrictions
  • Where items are not available for scanning through the CLA licence, we will contact academic staff and discuss whether there are any alternative solutions, such as placing existing library materials in the Short Loan Collection or select a different reading