Reading lists for teaching staff

Teaching staff

Information Services requests that reading lists are sent to the library in order to provide a library collection that is up-to-date and meets students’ needs.

Library staff will check reading lists and ensure that adequate numbers of copies are in stock. Where more copies are needed, library staff will contact the department to discuss purchasing additional texts. For core readings we usually work on a ratio of one book per 20 students.

The library can also make arrangements to put books temporarily in the short loan collection (10 hours) or on 3 day loan for a semester or session, depending on the number of students and the availability of certain items. More information on loan periods can be found on our borrowing from the library webpages.

You can use the electronic reading lists service ARMS to manage and display your reading lists. ARMS will also send information on to the University Library’s Lending and Acquisitions departments as necessary. For more information see the ARMS webpage at

You can submit reading lists personally or through an intermediary eg departmental secretary. We accept hard copies and electronic copies. Please email, post or hand in to the Hugh Owen Library or appropriate branch library.

A template outlining all the information that we need is available on the ARMS website at