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Arrangement of law & criminology books in the Thomas Parry Library - by topic

KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KJ European Law (incl. European Union Law)
KW European Documentation Centre
KX & KZ International Law

Criminology books : HV 6001-9960
Human rights JC571-599
Medical ethics R724-726 ; R852-853 ; RG133-135

Specific subject areas

Administrative law KD4878-4902 
Civil law (Roman law) KJA
Company law KD2071-2127
Comparative law KD540-5570 ; K559-623 : K3165 ; K3240
Computers & law KD667.C65 ; KD1303 ; individual jurisdictions
Constitutional law KD3931-4645
Contract law KD1554
Criminal law   KD7868-8090
Criminology HV6001-9960 ; K5018 ; K5029 : K6025. See also Criminal Law
Employment law KD3009-3096
Environmental law KD3351-3382
Equity & trusts KD674 ; KD1480-1495
European Union law KJE. See also KW: European Documentation Centre
Family Law KD750-785
Human rights K3236-3268.5 : KZ6471-6530 : JC571-607
Intellectual property law KD1269
International law KX & KZ
Land law KD810-986
Legal History KD530-632
Legal Systems and Skills K85 ; KD660-662 ; KD7100-7111
Medicine, ethics & law KD3395-3417 ; R724-726 ; R852-853 ; RG133-135
Torts KD1948
Welfare law KD3191-3315






A selection of abbreviations for print journals in Library and/or available as electronic journals are given here. For fuller information, see Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.

A.J.C.L.  American Journal of Comparative Law
A.J.I.L. American Journal of International Law
A.J.L.H. American Journal of Legal History
A.L.J.  Australian Law Journal
Anglo.Am.L.Rev.  Anglo-American Law Review
Auckland U L Rev Auckland University Law Review
B.J.Crim. British Journal of Criminology
B.Y.I.L. British Yearbook of International Law
Can.Bar.Rev. Canadian Bar Review
CFLQ  Child and Family Law Quarterly
C.L.J.  Cambridge Law Journal
C.L.P.  Current Legal Problems
C.M.L.Rev.  Common Market Law Review
C.Y.I.L.  Canadian Yearbook of International Law
Camb.L.R. Cambrian Law Review
Col.L.R.  Columbia Law Review
Co Law Company Lawyer
Conv.(N.S.) Conveyancer & Property Lawyer
Crim.L.R.  Criminal Law Review
Env L Rev Environmental Law Review
E.H.R.L.R. European Human Rights Law Review
E.I.P.R.  European Intellectual Property Review
E.L.R. European Law Review
EPL  European Public Law
Fam.Law.  Family Law
Harv.Int'l L.J. Harvard International Law Journal
Harv.L.Rev.  Harvard Law Review
HRLJ  Human Rights Law Journal
I.C.L.Q. International and Comparative Law Quarterly
I.L.J. Industrial Law Journal
I.L.M. International Legal Materials

Int'l Law 

International Lawyer

Irish Jur.

Irish Jurist


Journal of Business Law


Journal of Environmental Law


Journal of Common Market Studies


Journal of Contract Law


Journal of Criminal Law

J.L. & Econ.

Journal of Law and Economics


Journal of Planning and Environment Law


Juridical Review


Journal of World Trade 


Law and History Review


Law Quarterly Review


Legal Studies


Law Society Gazette


Modern Law Review


Medical Law Review

Med.Sci. & Law

Medicine, Science and the Law
N.I.L.Q. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
N.L.J. New Law Journal
N.Y.U.L.R.  New York University Law Review
P.L. Public Law
RLR Restitution Law Review
Recueil de Courts Académie de Droit International-Recueil de Courts
S.A.L.J.   South African Law Journal
S.J. Solicitors' Journal
Stan.L.R Stanford Law Review
Stat.L.R.  Statute Law Review
Sydney L.R.  Sydney Law Review
Tul.L.R.  Tulane Law Review
U.Chi.L.R. University of Chicago Law Review
U.Pa.L.R.  University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Yale L.J.  Yale Law Journal
Y.J. Youth Justice

Law Reports

Law Reports


A selection of important abbreviations are given here. For fuller information, see Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.


Johnson v Rea [1962] 1 QB 373.
Johnson v Rea = names of parties; [1962] = year in which the case was reported. Note there can be a delay from judgment being given to the case being reported in a printed series of law reports. Square brackets mean the date is essential; 1 = volume number; QB = abbreviation of the law report series; 373 = first page of the case.

Example of Citation
Johnson v Rea. [1962] 1 QB 373; [1969] 1 WLR 1400; [1961] 3 ALL ER 816; [1961] 2 Lloyd Rep. 243

Neutral citations
Fisher v English Nature [2004] EWCA Civ 663; [2004] 4 AIIER 861; [2005] 1 WLR 147
Fisher v English Nature = names of parties
[2004] = year judgment given; EWCA Civ = Court of Appeal (Civil Division); 663 = judgment number 663 in 2004;

Abbreviations used: EWHC Admin = High Court (Administrative Division); EWCA Crim = Court of Appeal (Criminal Division); UKHL = House of Lords ; UKSC = UK Supreme Court. Please note paragraph numbers are given in square brackets at the end in place of page numbers.

(a) United Kingdom
(i) The Law Report Series

First Series 1865-1875

L.R. A. & E. Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases
L.R. C.C.R.  Crown Cases Reserved
L.R. C.P.  Common Pleas Cases
L.R. Ch.App.  Chancery Appeal Cases
L.R. Eq. Equity Cases
L.R. Ex. Exchequer Cases
L.R.  H.L.  English and Irish Appeals
L.R. P.C. Privy Council Appeals
L.R. P. & D.  Probate and Divorce Cases
L.R. Q.B. Queen's Bench
L.R. Sc. & Div. Scotch and Divorce Appeals















The cases are cited as follows: Date, Report, Volume, Court, Page, e.g. Jenkins v Robertson - (1867) L.R. 1 Sc. & Div. 117.

Second Series

App. Cas.  Appeal Cases
Ch.D. Chancery Division
C.P.D. Common Pleas Division
Ex.D. Exchequer Division
P.D. Probate Division
Q.B.D. Queen's Bench Division










e.g. Debenham v Mellon (1880) 5 Q.B.D. 394.

Third Series 1891-date

A.C.  Appeal Cases
Ch. Chancery Division
P. (1891-1971) Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division
Fam. [1972-]  Family Division
Q.B. (or K.B.) Queen's Bench (or King's Bench)







 (ii) The Nominate Reports

Before 1865, English cases were reported in 'named' reports. Many of these cases have been reprinted in the English Reports (E.R.) RPT KD270 (1220) E5 or the All England Reports Reprint (All E.R. Rep) RPT KD288.A6.

If you wish to find a pre-1865 case of which you only have a reference to the 'named' reports, look either in the Index of Cases (vols 177 and 178) to the English Reports or All England Reports Reprint Index 1558 - 1935, or refer to the English reports wall chart on the wall near the law books, which indicates in which volume a particular report may be found. The English Reports are available elecronically through Heinonline.

e.g. Howes v Ball (1827) 7 B & C 481 can be found in: [1824-1834] All E.R.Rep. 382.

Wright v Bell (1918) 5 Price 325 can be found in: 146 E.R. 622.

(iii) Other Reports  

All E.R. 1936-date All England Law Reports
All E. R. (Comm) 1999-date All England Law Reports. Commercial Cases
All E. R. (E. C.)  1995-date All England Law Reports. European Cases
All E.R.Rep. 1558-1935 All England Law Reports Reprint
B.C.C.   British Company Cases
B.C.L.C.   Butterworths Company Law Cases
C.M.L.R.  1962-date Common Market Law Reports
Cox C.C. 1843-1941  Cox's Criminal Cases
Cr.App.R. 1908-date  Criminal Appeal Reports
Cr.App.R.(S.)    Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
Env. L.R.   Environmental Law Reports
E.R.   English Reports
F.S.R.   Fleet Street Reports
H.L.R.    Housing Law Reports
I.C.R.    Industrial Cases Reports
I.R.L.R. 1972-date Industrial Relations Law Reports
L.J.R.  1836-1949  Law Journal Reports
L.T. 1859-1947  Law Times Reports
R.R.  1785-1866 Revised Reports
R.P.C.  1884-date  Reports of Patent Cases
W.L.R.  1953-date Weekly Law Reports































(b) Other Jurisdictions

A.L.R. 1895-2001 Australian (Argus) Law Reports
A.L.J.R. 1927-date  Australian Law Journal
C.L.R.  1903-2003 Commonwealth Law Reports Australia
D.L.R. 1912-date Dominion Law Reports
I.R.  1893-date  Irish Reports
N.I. 1925-date Northern Ireland Law Reports
N.S.W.L.R.  1971-2001 New South Wales Law Reports
N.S.W.R. 1960-1970 New South Wales Reports
N.Z.L.R. 1883-date New Zealand Law Reports (External Store)
Qd.R. 1958-1992  Queensland Law Reports (External Store)
Qd.S.R.  1908-1957 Queensland State Reports (External Store)
S.L.T.  1893-date Scots Law Times
S.C. 1906-2001 Session Cases, Scotland
U.S.  1799-1999 United States Supreme Court Reports (incomplete) (External Store)
V.R.  1957-2000 Victorian Reports (External Store)






















(c) European Jurisdictions

All E.R. (E.C.)  1995 - date All England Law Reports, European Cases
C.M.L.R. 1962-date Common Market Law Reports
E.C.R.  1954-date European Court Reports
Rec. Dal 1945-date Recueil Dalloz Sirey






(d) International Law

A.I.L.C. Vol. 1   American International Law Cases
Ann. Dig.  1919-1949 Annual Digest of International Law
B.I.L.C. Vol. 1   British International Law Cases
I.C.J. 1947-date International Court of Justice - Reports of Judgement
I.L.R. 1950-date International Law Reports
P.C.I.J.    Permanent Court of International Justice









Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

All the electronic resources for Law and Criminology can be found through Primo where you can discover individual resources or cross-search a number of them at once. Primo includes key resources such as citation databases, e-journals and e-books, selected websites, subject gateways, data and media resources, news, reference materials and library catalogues.

Below is a list of the main databases used in Law & Criminology

Essential Law & Criminology


Westlaw UK


Other useful resources

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

European Union (Europa)


Institute of Advanced Legal Studies - Electronic access to global legal information


Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland

Mass Observation Online (Adam Matthew Digital)

Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674 - 1913

Times Digital Archive

WOS - Social Sciences Citation Index


Acts of Parliament

Law Wales


Statutory Instruments
UK Statute Law Database
Wales Legislation Online

Westlaw UK

Full text law reports

British and Irish Legal Information (BAILII)


English Reports (via HeinOnline)

European Court of Human Rights

European Court Reports


Westlaw UK

Official publications

Department for Constitutional Affairs


House of Commons Debates Hansard

House of Commons Weekly Bulletin

House of Lords Debates

Law Commission

Law Commission Consultation Papers

Law Commission Reports

Official Documents Archive Website

Official Documents Website

Welsh Assembly Government

International Law

FLAG: Foreign Law Guide

FLARE: Foreign Law Research

Global Legal Information Network

International Court of Justice


Westlaw UK
World Legal Information Institute

Emerald Journals (Emerald)

HeinOnline Law Journal Periodical Index (Ingenta)

Law Journal Library


Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press)

SAGE Journals Online

Westlaw UK


You can find a summary of browsing and searching approaches for Primo at the information skills pages.



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