Resources for Welsh and Celtic Studies


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Printed Materials

Printed Materials

The main collection of printed material for Welsh & Celtic Studies is found in the Hugh Owen Library within the Celtic Collection area on Level F (top floor). 

Key areas in the Celtic Collection (prefixed with CELT): 

CB206 Celtic Civilization and Race
DA700–745 Welsh History
E184.W4 Welsh in the U.S.
F2936 Welsh in Patagonia / Y Wladfa
G Geography / Anthropology
H Social Sciences
J Political Sciences
K Law
L Education
M Music
N Fine Arts
PA Classical Studies
PB Celtic Languages and Literature
Z Bibliography

Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

All the electronic resources for Welsh & Celtic Studies can be found through Primo where you can discover individual resources or cross-search a number of them at once. Primo includes key resources such as citation databases, e-journals and e-books, selected websites, subject gateways, data and media resources, news, reference materials and library catalogues.

Below is a list of databases which may be of use to your studies and research in Welsh & Celtic Studies.

Core/General resources and tools

Media and the Memory in Wales

OCLC FirstSearch

Welsh Biography Online

Welsh Newspapers Online / Papurau Newydd Cymru Ar-lein

Welsh Journals Online

Selected National Collections

Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies - University of Wales

JISC Historical Texts

Manx National Library and Archives

National Library of Ireland
National Library of Scotland - online catalogues

National Library of Wales

National Museum Wales

People's Collection Wales - Casgliad y Werin Cymru

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Celtic languages

Agan Tavas

BUBL LINK - Gaelic language

Celtic Languages Sites - CALL@Hull

Dictionary of the Welsh Language - University of Wales

Historical Corpus of the Welsh Language 1500-1850

Ofis ar Brezhoneg

Welsh (Omniglot)
Welsh Language Commissioner
Literature and history of Celtic nations

Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH)

Bibliography of Celtic Myths

CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts

Celtic Literature Collective: Welsh Texts

Celtic Studies Bibliography (Celtic Studies Association of North America)

Celtic Studies Resources on the Web

Celtic Twilight - Compendium of Celtic and King Arthur Legends and Resources

CELTICA - Journal of the School of Celtic Studies: Contents pages 1946-2007

Irish Literature and Mythology

Welsh Ballads Online

Welsh Manuscript Catalog

Welsh Manuscripts (National Library of Wales)

Welsh Texts Archive (Academy for Ancient Texts)


Find a summary of browsing and searching in Primo here:

Information Skills

Information Skills

See our Information Skills:

  • finding printed materials in the library
  • finding and evaluating electronic information
  • keeping up to date in your subject of study
  • effective study and bibliographic referencing
  • library induction and skills training

There are also useful online tutorials for your subject covering key online information skills - try the tutorial for Modern Languages



The University's collections contain a wide range of materials, including theses and past papers. You can find details of all our collections Collections

The following may be of particular interest to Welsh and Celtic Studies students:

Language Learning Materials: the Library has a number of courses to help individuals learn some of the Celtic languages.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Your subject librarian can provide skills training for students and staff, resource evaluation and more. For full details see Academic Staff

Distance Learners

Distance Learners

Distance learners have access to the same services as on-campus students (i.e. e-resources, print materials, help and support) but the means of access may differ. If you are a distance learner please familiarise yourself with Distance Learning Students

Get More Books

Get More Books


Need more books?  Tell us!

Everything put on a Reading List by your tutors is added to library stock.  If there is anything else you would like to add you can order it for the library using the More Books campaign.    

The Document Supply Service can be used by students and staff to source books, journal articles and other materials like dissertations and non-UK PhD theses.  For information on the full range of materials available, see the Document Supply Service pages.

Sometimes you may want to purchase books for yourself.  The University bookshop, situated in the Arts Centre can source books for all subjects and offers a student discount. 


Aspire Reading Lists is now the sole method by which teaching staff can order books and other materials for taught modules. For help in creating a reading list see the self-paced training materials or Aspire FAQs.  If you require one-to-one help, contact your subject librarian.  We're happy to visit you in your department to help you get started.

To ask the library to purchase material other than than reading list texts, use the purchase request form in Primo, or e-mail  Each department holds a small fund for these purchases so you may need to check with your IS representative before making these purchases.