World Book Night Haiku Competition 2017

Information Services celebrated World Book Day/Night on the 2nd of March and 23rd April in the Hugh Owen, Thomas Parry and the Physical Sciences Libraries with a successful haiku competition. Entrants were treated to free cake at our stalls, and the haikus were judged by IS staff members Simon French and Nia Elis.

For more information on World Book Night, visit:

And the winners are...

Thank you very much to all who took part in our World Book Day/Night celebrations this year. We received over forty entries, and were delighted by the quality, inventiveness, and humour displayed. The winners of the competition, each receiving a set of books are as follows:


Bûm fyd hudolus

Lle canir hen freuddwydion

Ar aden eryr

(Catherine Jones)

Cadelight flickers

Pages hold hidden secrets

The world in a word

(Caitlin Naylor)

Mae’r geiriau glas

Wedi colli enwau nhw

Yn yr eira oer

(Neal Alexander)

Dropping yellow dust

Six glass jugs of daffodils

Line the blue counter

(Catherine Jones)

Rhy gyflym yw’r byd

Gan golli ein breuddwydion

Collwn ni ein hedd

(Catherine Jones)

Golden sun streams in

Between stacked shelves of wisdom


(Katy Peat) 

Le jour de Saint George

Ne tuez pas de dragons

S’il vous plaît. O.K?

(Lloyd Roderick)



Thanks to everyone who submitted haiku (each will receive a book) - all entries listed below:

White teeth, Zadie Smith

Religion versus science

Well worth reading now

Books, Paper, that smell

Adventure, Day dreams, Knowledge


Think about learning 

Quietly in peaceful space

Knowledge all around

The egg- yolk sun shines

Leaking light on our musty

Pages of knowledge

Trees metamorphose

Bringing new life to new worlds

Books are fu**ing rad

Jade is such a babe

Wow her hair is so curly

Ugh, I'm so jelly

Cerulean face:

Indescribeable sorrow

Life has left him:cold

Life is for living

Books are for life

Promote reading books

Long are standard loans

Short loan leads to massive fine

Avoid the short loan

My mate Adam was 

Born on April twenty third

So was Shake Spea Ur

I was magical

Where the old dreams were once sung

On the eagles wing

I know u don't care for the things that I do

But I still wrote this cheeky

Little haiku for you ;)

Substitute teacher

Accept my condolences

We are all buffoons

Ruby likes reading

Books are Good for some researching

Reading makes you smart

Aberystwyth a small town

By the sea with life in the hills and trees

No place I'd rather be

The library is OPEN

Too many books to choose from

Whole world is one place

Slowly dry pages

Fall yellowed from life's short book

As brittle time turns

Screens flicker, eyes twitch

yn llyfrgell y gath goch

Books watch the hunters

Three floors of good books

Support the old library

More than it's concrete

I am not dead yet

The library will see me off

oh! Maybe Today

Swift the pages turn

Life, love, death and old wisdom

All fly home to sleep

The green Aurora

Lighting the cold evening sky

But nothing's under

I am allergic

Daffodils and yellow dust

Make me sneeze, archoo!

Arhoswch i weld

Mae amser a chariad

yn maddau galar

Ar y bwrdd blodau

Cofiwn ein hen Dewi Sant

Gan gennin pedr

Cefnogaeth cymraeg

Rhag ofn i'r heniaith yn mynd

Lludw i'r lludw

Screen flicker, eyes twitch

Yn llyfrgell y gath goch

Books watch the hunters