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The Corporate Jungle

Main Subjects

International Commercial law (Postgraduate)

Study key concepts, mechanisms and issues in transnational commercial law. You will engage with not merely the current challenges to commercial activity associated with corporate responsibility, but also with environmental protection and sustainability, human rights, and the impact of information technology.

Crimes and misconduct in Business, Politics and the professions

Consider critically, the use of criminal law and criminalisation relating to a range of business and professional activities.

We also offer a range of undergraduate modules, such as Commercial law; Company law and Corporate Governance examine issues relating to the corporate world.

Employability and Skills


  • Regulation and criminalisation of business cartels and legal control of delinquent business activity.
  • PhD research includes Corporate Social Responsibility and Art theft; and Corporate Governance and financial reporting.
  • Dr Uta Kohl is a Trustee on the Board of the Internet Watch Foundation.