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Environment and Sustainability

Main Subjects

Climate change law and policy (Postgraduate)

Discover the legal and policy framework for addressing climate change, the challenges and developments at international, regional and national levels.

Food policy and law

This multi-faceted module brings together various important areas of law, including international trade and policy; environmental and criminal law and policy.

Environmental law and policy

Gain awareness of the legal aspects of environmental changes reported regularly. Global warming; the ozone layer; sea levels rising; and melting of the ice caps are all issues which affect future generations.

Employability and Skills



  • The environment and human rights: climate change. Dr Engobo Emeseh is on the UNDP Expert Rapid Response Roster on Extractive industries and has been an Expert Panel members on Natural Resources Governance to Africa Capacity Building Foundation.
  • Protection of nature in the marine and terrestrial environment. Ms Kerry Lewis is also a member of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA).
  • Agricultural policy and climate change.