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What's the difference between grass, ferns and mosses? They are plants and have green leaves. Yes, but we need to know a great deal more about the diversity of plants to develop an interest in the environment, field biology, wildlife and gardening. Find out the science behind sorting out members of the Plant Kingdom. (The secret is in their life cycles and structure of their reproductive organs!) From A for anemone to Z for zinnia and all types of conifers, horsetails, ferns and mosses in between, their relationships to each other will be revealed. By examining their structure and studying the evolutionary processes that resulted in this diversity of form, you will be able to place plants in to related groups. There will be plenty of specimens to examine. This is a fascinating and essential core course for both ecology Certificates. It is an excellent background for anyone interested other courses involving plant life.

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This module is at CQFW Level

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