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This level one module will gain and extend the student'r experience of working with different kinds of garments to re-adapt costumes in preparation for a theatre performance. At the start of the module students will negotiate a set of targets / tasks that will be undertaken during the module with your tutor which will focus on your individual style and interests. These tasks will centre on personal style and be outlined as design briefs. Together with the personal targets students will also make a design sheet with three costumes in preparation for a proposed theatre production. Student'r will also learn to make a simple pattern from an existing garment which can then be up- cycled using new fabrics or personally designed fabrics from the module XA18305, but this is not a pre-requisite. Students will need access and use of their own sewing machine between sessions. Regard will be paid to the features of the different types of fabric and their unique qualities


This module is at CQFW Level

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