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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
Animal Diversity [AA203E]Penglais (Hugh Owen C6) AberystwythSat-Mon 10.00am 17-03-2018 19-03-2018Connaire, Lisa(Miss)
Ferns And Fern Allies: Identification, Evolution And Their Role In Victorian Life [AA302E]Penglais, Hugh Owen A9 AberystwythTues-Thurs 10.00am 26-06-2018 28-06-2018Thomas, Barry A(Prof)
Field And Conservation Ecology Project [AA303E]University AberystwythWednesday 25-04-2018 30-06-2018To Be Arranged,
Principles Of Habitat Restoration And Creation [AB100V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 09.30AM 10-08-2018 12-08-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
Ecology 1 [AB101V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 14-09-2018 16-09-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Pond And Stream Invertebrate Life [AB102V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 21-09-2018 23-09-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Introduction To Forest Gardening [AB110V]Denmark Farm LampeterSat-Sun 09.30AM 06-10-2018 07-10-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
A Guide To Environmental Impact Assessment [AB200E]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 16-03-2018 18-03-2018Symmons, Jacqueline E(Dr)
Understanding Reptiles [AB300E]Youth Hostel BorthFri-Sun 10.00am 27-04-2018 29-04-2018Barber, Mark D(Mr)
Understanding British Mammals 1: Gnawers, Nibblers And Insect Crunchers [AB301E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 11-05-2018 13-05-2018Lewns, Penelope A(Mrs)
Bird Identification: An Introduction [AB302E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 18-05-2018 20-05-2018Anning, David(Mr)
Plant Diversity [AB303E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 15-06-2018 17-06-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Identifying Flowering Plants [AB304E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 06-07-2018 08-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Identifying Grasses, Sedges And Rushes [AB305E]Denmark Farm LampeterMon-Wed 10.00am 09-07-2018 11-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Ecology 1 [AB307E]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 25-05-2018 27-05-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Dragonflies [AD300E]National Trust Centre StackpoleFri-Sun 10.00am 13-07-2018 15-07-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Botany For Gardening [AF100V]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSaturday 10.00AM 15-09-2018 16-09-2018Maxwell, Emma L(Ms)
Growing Fruit [AF201E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSat-Sun 10.00am 24-03-2018 25-03-2018Maxwell, Emma L(Ms)
Bird Identification: An Introduction [AF300E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 27-04-2018 29-04-2018Anning, David(Mr)
Entomology: The Larger Insects Of Wales [AF301E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 22-06-2018 24-06-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Wildlife Gardening [AF303E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 9.30am 13-07-2018 15-07-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
Identifying Flowering Plants [AF304E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 20-07-2018 22-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Identifying Grasses, Sedges And Rushes [AF305E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethMon-Wed 10.00am 23-07-2018 25-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Understanding British Mammals 2 : Predators And Hunters [AF306E]Pwlperian Upland Research Platform AberystwythFri-Sun 10.00am 15-06-2018 17-06-2018Lewns, Penelope A(Mrs)

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