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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
From Acorn To Oak: Building A Family Tree (Formerly Tracing Your Ancestors) [HA103H]Penbryn 5 (0.63 Geography) AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 11-10-2017 06-12-2017Williams, Calista(Miss)
Local History 1: A History Of Aberystwyth Through Its Buildings [HA105H]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythFriday 6.00PM 13-10-2017 24-11-2017Williams, Calista(Miss)
Now You'Re Talking: Preparing An Oral History Interview [HA107H]Old College AberystwythSaturday 10.00AM 18-11-2017 25-11-2017Williams, Calista(Miss)
An Introduction To Family History Sources At The National Library Of Wales [HA307H]National Library Of Wales AberystwythThur-Fri 10.30AM 14-06-2018 15-06-2018Mathias, Julie D(Dr)
Crime & Punishment In The 19th Century: Murder And The Detective [HJ100H]Library Colwyn BayWednesday 1.30pm 20-09-2017 29-11-2017Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Outlaws In Medieval England And Wales [HJ200H]Library Colwyn BayWednesday 1.30pm 10-01-2018 21-03-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Riots And Rebellions In Wales: A History [HJ300H]Library Colwyn BayWednesday 1.30pm 18-04-2018 27-06-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Outlaws In Medieval England And Wales [HL100H]Library FlintWednesday 5.00pm 20-09-2017 29-11-2017Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Riots And Rebellions In Wales: A History [HL200H]Library FlintWednesday 5.00pm 10-01-2018 21-03-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
The Cistercians: An Introduction [HL300H]Library FlintWednesday 5.00pm 18-04-2018 27-06-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)

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