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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
Russian Beginners 1 [KA122R]University AberystwythTuesday 6.00pm 02-10-2018 04-12-2018To Be Arranged,
Russian Improvers 1 [KA124R]University AberystwythThursday 6.00pm 04-10-2018 06-12-2018To Be Arranged,
Russian Intermediate [KA125R]University AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 01-10-2018 01-04-2019To Be Arranged,
Russian Beginners 1 [KA209R]University AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 30-01-2019 03-04-2019To Be Arranged,
Russian Beginners 2 [KA222R]University AberystwythTuesday 6.00pm 29-01-2019 02-04-2019To Be Arranged,
Russian Improvers 2 [KA224R]University AberystwythThursday 6.00pm 31-01-2019 04-04-2019To Be Arranged,

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