Staff Development an Introduction

In Lifelong Learning (LLL) we are committed to support our members of staff in collaboration with Centre for the Development of Staff and Academic Practice (CDSAP) and Information services (IS) . We would like that all members of staff performs to the best of their capabilities, and get the best support available.

In addition to CDSAP and Information Services (IS), LLL designs and delivers the educational and professional development of its staff. LLL provides an annual programme of continuing professional development sessions, events and workshops.

The aim of this page is to have everything related to Staff development at a glance. In this way we could all benefit  and be aware of what is available.

We aim to:

  • support the needs of all members of staff. If we cannot provide the training, we aim to point you in the right direction.
  • inform you of the courses available at Aberystwyth University, or at our partner  Institutions.

We would like to:

  • listen to and consider your requirements
  • use the expertise we have in LLL. We certainly would like to have collaboration from all sections: Welsh for Adults, Education, PGCE, PGCTHE, CAA and Lifelong Learning

If you have any enquiries about Staff Development, please contact:

Antonio Barriga Rubio,, 01970 622093

Further Information

Please enter here any suggestions you may have for courses or workshops in our school: