Workshop: Teaching languages with minimum resources. 14th July P5, room 1.64 2pm to 4pm

This workshop will be possible thanks to the collaboration and support of 2 members of staff from Welsh for Adults: Elin Williams and Lowri Jones. They are also part of the Staff Development team in SELL.

Some of the activities that they will demonstrate come from a company called Pilgrims, a company which specialise in teacher training.

The company believes strongly in DOGME, that is, the belief that the need for so many different teaching resources and technology can have a detrimental effect on the communicative element in our lessons.

The activities that they will demonstrate will be both fun and interactive.

Pilgrims have two very useful websites: Humanising Language Teaching

 and The Teacher Trainer Journal

Please let me know if you would like to attend by Wednesday, 8th July.

Please pencil it on your diary. Thanks for your support.