Students wishing to study a subject at Joint Honours can take up to 60 credits in each subject (e.g. French and Spanish, French and German, German and Spanish). At Part One, students who are not yet ready to narrow their focus can normally take 40 credits in a subject which is outside their degree scheme. A popular choice of subject with students in our Department is a Beginners’ language module. If you take one of the Beginners’ courses successfully you are qualified to carry on with that language to degree level.

The flexibility of our degree schemes means that you do not have to commit yourselves to a final choice of degree scheme subject(s) until after your first-year examinations. As long as you have passes in 40 credits’ worth of modules in your chosen subject (including any core modules) you can carry on with that subject to degree level. The choice is yours although we will be at hand to advise you.