Module Information

Cod y Modiwl
Teitl y Modiwl
Blwyddyn Academaidd
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl
Intended for use in future years
Staff Eraill sy'n Cyfrannu

Manylion y cyrsiau

Math o Ddysgu Manylion / Hyd Dysgu
Darlithoedd 2 hours per week
Seminarau / Tiwtorialau 1 hour per week

Dulliau Asesu

Math o Assessiad Manylion / Hyd Assessiad Cyfran
Arholiad Semester 2 Awr   50%
Asesiad Semester 1 x group and 1 x individual 2,500 words  50%

Disgrifiad cryno

The aim of this module is to introduce the latest thinking on creativity and innovation and to use the latest technology to choose and analyse alternative business opportunities. The students will be able to improve their creative thinking and management skills in a range of situations.

The objectives of the module include the following:

  • to create an understanding of the process of creative thinking and apply it to a variety of different situations
  • to visualise alternative scenarios and select some for future implementation
  • to understand the role that innovation and new technology play in developing new business ideas.


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