Symphony Orchestra

Philomusica is Aberystwyth's symphony orchestra. Operated as a registered charity independent of the University, the orchestra is nevertheless closely linked with the University and is conducted by the Director of Music, Dr David Russell Hulme. Usually about 80 strong, a large proportion of the players in Philomusica are students who work alongside local amateur and professional musicians - some of whom travel considerable distances to play in one of the largest and most successful groups of its kind in Wales. Two concerts are presented each year in the Great Hall of Aberystwyth Arts Centre. As you might expect, the repertoire is largely Romantic and twentieth century, but as well as performing mainstream works the orchestra also explores lesser-known music, especially by British composers.

Philomusica recently performed Mahler's Symphony No 1 and some of the world's finest soloists have appeared with the orchestra, including its patron John Lill. Some of the works performed over the last two years are Hamilton Harty's An Irish Symphony, the Symphonic Dances - West Side Story by Bernstein and A Symphonic Picture based on Gershwin's Porgy & Bess. Fairly recently, the orchestra also gave a live performace below the big screen of Neil Brand's soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail. Take a look at the poster gallery for more programme information.

Prospective new players are generally given a trial and a permanent place is offered subject to a suitable vacancy being available. Anyone interested in joining should contact the Director of Music or come to the first rehearsal.

Conductor: Dr David Russell Hulme
Leader: Jayne Robinson
Deputy Leader: Isobelle McGuinness



Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 10.00pm in the old hall of Old College, King Street, Aberystwyth.
New members are always welcome.

Dates and times of first term rehearsals and concert:

03.10.18  19:30-22:00  Old College  WEDNESDAY
10.10.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
17.10.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
24.10.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
31.11.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
07.11.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
14.11.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
21.11.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
28.11.18  17:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
02.12.18  18:00-21:00 Old College  SUNDAY
05.12.18  19:30-22:00 Old College  WEDNESDAY
07.12.18  19:30-22:00 Aberystwyth Arts Centre  FRIDAY
08.12.18  14:00-17:00 Aberystwyth Arts Centre  SATURDAY
08.12.18  20:00 CONCERT Aberystwyth Arts Centre  SATURDAY