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21 June 2013

If you want to know the secret behind a good novel or drama, make your way over to Aberystwyth University tomorrow, Saturday 22 June, for a creative writing taster workshop.

Creating good characters is essential when writing fiction or drama, and the hour session will aim to question your characters and give you a clearer approach on how to create believable ones in future.

Liz Jones, coordinator of this course and Humanities Co-ordinator at Aberystwyth University explains, “The session is a fun, lively and informal workshop designed to provide individuals with a better understanding of how to write compelling characters, which is absolutely vital to any novel or drama.

“Getting to know your characters and the world they inhabit brings depth and conviction to any story.  From a plot driven thriller to a slow burning family drama, characterisation is central.”

The session,Creating authentic characters in fiction and drama,is an English medium activity and will be held between 12-1pm in Medrus 3 on Penglais Campus, tomorrow Saturday 22 June.

Liz Jones is the Lifelong Learning Humanities Coordinator at Aberystwyth’s School of Education and Lifelong Learning and a teaching fellow at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies. With a background in journalism, copy writing and community work, Liz has been teaching creative writing since 1998.

She recently completed her PhD thesis on stage to screen adaptation. After five years of part-time study, Liz is now looking forward to continuing with her writing, playwriting in particular. Details of Liz’s writing can be found on

Access All Areas will be held from 10am-3pm on Saturday 22 June and a full timetable of events is available at


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