Project Management & Change Unit (PMCU)


The Project Management and Change Unit supports the planning and delivery of a wide range of projects at Aberystwyth University. 

Types of projects range from those that are completed within a few weeks, to larger activities such as capital developments, large-scale entrepreneurial activities, information systems and internal reviews of processes and procedures. 

The PMCU also provides advice on all aspects of project management and are working towards developing project management capabilities across the University.  Details of our Project Surgeries, Project Toolkit and training sessions are provided below...

Please note that Research projects are supported by the Research and Business Innovation Department.

How the PMCU can support your project

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us to arrange a Project Surgery.  

Project Surgeries are informal meetings where we will:

  • Help you to understand and determine the project objectives
  • Help you to draft a Project-Plan
  • Provide general advice on project management and change

Once your project is underway, we can:

  • Assist you with the development of your Project-Plan 
  • Provide a Project Toolkit: templates and documents for a comprehensive project plan
  • Organise a 'kickstarter' meeting to get the planning process formally underway
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the project*

 Please contact to arrange an appointment.

*Involvement of our team members will vary depending on the size of your project and its requirements.

Project Toolkit

PMCU is responsible for implementing a common Project Toolkit across the University.  The Project Toolkit is designed to help you ensure that Projects progress according to pre-determined plans, are properly governed, and incorporate robust risk management procedures.

To download the documents in the Project Toolkit please click here:  Project Toolkit


Our team is constantly reviewing the Project ToolKit and related processes. Should you have any suggestions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us.


Julie McKeown Head of Project Management and Change Unit 01970 622204
Debbie Prysor Senior Projects Officer 01970 628582
Miss Eleanor Blacker-Morgan PMCU Hotdesk 01970 622457
Mrs Faye ap Geraint Tell Us Now Project Manager 01970 621873
Mr Jonathan Davies Tell Us Now Project Support Officer 01970 622923