Choosing a Course

Before your child/ward thinks about what university they would like to go to, it’s important for them to first think about what course they would like to study.

It could be that they know exactly what they want to do, with a clear career path in mind. Or that they only have a few ideas that they’re still unsure about. In either case, it’s well worth spending time with them to help them think through the decision.


Helping your child/ward choose a course – things to consider:

  • Research early: with thousands of course on offer it’s important to start researching as early as possible – online course comparison websites could be a helpful resource here
  • Pragmatism vs passion: it’s wise to view a degree as a stepping stone to a future career, however, choosing a course that your child/ward wants to do will enhance their learning experience even more
  • Type of course: maybe one subject as a single honours degree will suffice but don’t forget there are joint or major/minor degrees available too if they enjoy two subjects
  • Course details: drill down to find out what a course entails, as the same course will differ from university to university. Think about the balance of theoretical learning to practical application, lectures over lab work, independent study or more contact time
  • Assessment: every course will have a breakdown of how work will be assessed – exams, written reports, coursework, lab practicals, etc. – it’s worth your child/ward considering how they prefer to learn
  • Facilities: are there any specific facilities, resources or equipment that your child/ward would like to gain more experience in using or that will aid there learning
  • Experts: most course or department pages will provide a breakdown of the academic staff that are active in research or teaching on course. It’s good to look at their credentials and there’s no harm in asking them course or research-related questions!
  • Year out: nowadays it’s common for a lot of courses to offer a year abroad to study or a year in industry – is there somewhere your child/ward would like to travel? Or a company they would like to work for?
  • Open Days: attending an Open Day is the only definitive way for your child/ward to get a clearer insight into their course, department’s facilities, lecturers and the wider university – you can register for one of our Open Days here

Here at Aberystwyth we offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, from sciences to the arts, with relevant industry-standard accreditations, year in employment options, study abroad options and more – all taught by research-led experts and in a vibrant learning environment.

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