Choosing a University

There are over 120 universities across the UK, all of which are unique in their size, structure, location, academic offerings and student life.

With lots of factors to consider, weigh up and compare – supporting your child/ward through this decision process is invaluable.

Below are a few suggestions that should help you guide your child/ward through this time and (hopefully) make the process a little easier.


Tips to help your child choose a university:

  • Research, research and research again: finding out as much as you can about potential universities, as early as you can, should help make the decision clearer – consider using online comparison websites as a start
  • Predicted grades: depending on your child/ward’s predicated grades (e.g. A Levels) this will help narrow down and focus the universities that they may be interested in. Maybe even consider ones that have lower or higher entry requirements too
  • The right course: this may well be the most significant factor that determines your child/ward’s decision – some universities may not simply offer the course while others, of course, will and require further research – see our Choosing a Course page for more advice
  • Student life: while studying is important, there will also be time for your child/ward to enjoy the social aspects of student living – friends, clubs, societies, day trips, nights out – so if they have a particular sport or interest make sure there’s a club to join with good facilities
  • Location: is your child/ward looking for a big city or smaller town? Will they be travelling back home often or only at the end of the term? Do they want to study abroad? These are all important questions to bear in mind
  • Ranking, reputation, reviews: consider looking at university league tables as an indication of an establishments academic and non-academic qualities, or student review forums to see what existing or past students have to say
  • Scholarships and Bursaries: given the significant financial investment, make sure you have a look at any Scholarships and Bursaries that a university may be able to offer your child/ward to help support them through their time at university
  • Open Days: attending an Open Day is the only definitive way for your child/ward to get a better impression of a university and picture themselves being there or not – you can register for one of our Open Days here

Here at Aberystwyth we truly believe with offer a unique student experience – somewhere to learn and live in an exceptional environment.

To find out more about why your child/ward should be part of our vibrant student community, by the sea, check out our Why Aberystwyth? section