Higher Education Benefits

The decision for your child/ward to go to university is a big, life-changing and exciting one.

For both the short-term and long-term, the benefits of higher education remain numerous – not just academically, for their future employment, but also non-academically, for their own personal development.


Higher education benefits for your child/ward:

  • Learn more about a subject they are passionate about and expand their knowledge under the tuition of experts in their field
  • In an increasingly crowded job market a degree holds great value that could give your child/ward a competitive advantage
  • A wider range of careers are available to graduates, from further research to graduate-training schemes, both at home and abroad
  • Employability is a key objective of Aberystwyth University and we’re proud to say that 95% of our first-degree students are in full-time employment or research within 6 months after graduation (HESA, 2017)
  • Over an average working life graduates have higher earning potential and could earn up to £500,000 more than their non-graduate peers (The Telegraph, 2015)
  • Developing valuable life skills: independent learning, self-confidence, team-work, communication, organisation, leadership and more – these skills we look to develop through our degrees and AberForward Scheme and it’s these skills that future employers want
  • Standing on their own two feet, joining a sport club or society, travel and making friends from around the world – and for life!

While an obvious barrier to higher education is the cost implication, here at Aberystwyth University, we offer some of the most generous Scholarships and Bursaries in the UK to help support your child/ward financially through their studies.

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