Traffic and Parking Regulations

Photo of parking notice sign1.0 GENERAL

1.1 The University's Traffic and Parking Regulations apply to staff, students and members of the public who use motor vehicles on the University's estate.

1.1.1 Vehicles unlicensed in terms of the Vehicles (Excise) Act, or un-roadworthy vehicles, are not permitted to be parked on University property. The University reserves the right to treat such vehicles as abandoned and may take steps for their removal at the owner's expense.

1.1.2 Any vehicle judged to be un-roadworthy or abandoned on University property will be required to be removed. If the vehicle owner has not removed the vehicle within 30 days of being given written notice, the University will arrange for the collection and disposal of the vehicle at its discretion and recover any expense incurred. Neither the University nor its officers shall be responsible for any damage caused to a vehicle under such circumstances.

1.1.3 Parking is only permitted in designated parking spaces to holders of appropriate and valid University parking permits. Parking on any other area of University land is strictly prohibited. All car parks are controlled by authorised University staff.

1.2.1 The following are strictly prohibited on University property:

The parking and use of caravans, camp vans or similar for overnight accommodation

a. major repair or maintenance of vehicles;

b. learner drivers.

1.2.2 Persons using or parking a motor vehicle on University property:

a. do so entirely at their own risk, whether to themselves, their passengers, the vehicle or its contents

b. shall observe all the provisions of the law relating to the use of a vehicle on public roads, and the further requirements of these regulations

c. will observe the maximum speed limit for vehicles within the Campus of 20 miles per hour.

1.3 Vehicles must at all times be driven in accordance with the Highway Code and with due care and consideration for all vehicular traffic, pedestrians, University property and wildlife. Drivers must treat pedestrian crossings on the campus in the same way as those used on the public highway.

1.4 Users of motor vehicles who persistently fail to comply with these regulations or behave in a manner which is dangerous or inconsiderate to other campus users may have their parking permits withdrawn, and vehicles banned from site.

1.5 The nature of the University campuses and the volume of pedestrian traffic on them create a difficult environment for motor vehicles. Although every effort is made to separate pedestrians and motor vehicles it remains incumbent upon drivers to be alert to pedestrian movements and to drive accordingly. In general pedestrians are to be given priority over vehicular traffic.

1.6 The University reserves the right to withdraw permits, to update these regulations as necessary or to change the areas where car parking is allowed.


2.1 The permit is intended to enable the permit holder to park in connection with University business, or whilst using its associated facilities.

2.2 Permit Eligibility

a. Full or Part Time members of staff. A member of staff will have a current AU contract and is able to provide a payroll number.

b. Registered students who are either resident in university owned halls or live 3 miles or more from the Penglais Campus.

c. Permits may be issued to other persons who are regularly on official University business.

d. A 300 Club permit is available to members of the University Sports Centre.

2.3 Any lost or damaged permit must be reported to Site Security. A £10 administration charge will be levied to the holder for a replacement permit. The University reserves the right to withdraw permits without refund.

2.4 Parking permits remain the property of the University. Should you leave the University's employment, or are no longer a registered student, member of staff or member of the sports club; you must return the permit to Site Security immediately.


3.1 Parking is only permitted in designated parking spaces to holders of appropriate and valid University parking permits. Parking on any other area of University land is strictly prohibited. All vehicle parks are controlled by authorised University staff.

3.3 Any member of staff or student wishing to bring their vehicle on to the University's estate must first register their details and obtain a parking permit. Departmental owned or hired vehicles not liveried must also be registered.

3.4 Parking permits are colour coded according to areas where authorised parking is permitted:-

a. Restricted - a Blue permit is valid for all car parks;

b. Staff -­ a Gold permit is valid for Staff car parks

c. Halls -­ a Purple permit is valid Halls car parks only;

d. Frongoch - a Gold (Staff) or Purple (Students) permit marked 'Frongoch' for parking in Frongoch car park, shared with Hywel Dda Health Board. Spaces 1 - 100 only.

e. 300 Club -­ a Silver permit issued to members of the Sports Centre Club (see para 4.4)

3.5 Exceptions to purchasing a parking permit are as follows

a. Vacation Visitors - A bespoke permit issued by the Conference Office staff.

b. Conference delegates (MedRus suite only) - Issued by the Conference office staff.

c. Conference delegates (elsewhere within the University) - See para 4.6.5

3.6 Parking permits must be displayed in a prominent position inside the front windscreen of a motorcar or on an easily visible point of a motorcycle.

3.7 In the interest of site security permit holders are required to notify Security Staff of vehicles to be left overnight in Staff car parks.

3.8 The irregular pattern of use of car parking by users enables the number of permits issued to exceed the number of spaces available. To take full advantage of this situation, reserved space and restricted parking areas will be limited to those circumstances where there is a justifiable requirement such as:

a. Departmental vehicle loading point

b. Disabled driver

c. Taxi set down point

d. Too few spaces for diversity of use to operate


4.1 Application forms to obtain a parking permit are available to download from this website. These should be completed and returned as indicated on the form.


4.2.1 One permit will be issued per member of staff. This permit is transferable between vehicles.

4.2.2 Persons who work at the University but who are not AU staff require a staff permit will be expected to pay 12 months in advance, and will be invoiced at the end of this period for the following 12 months.

4.2.3 Staff permit application instructions are available here


4.3.1 The Halls parking permit is to allow students to park close to their hall of residence. An application for a Halls parking permit, which is valid for the academic year, can be made at any time after the 1st of September. A permit issued after the start of the session will expire on 30th September the following year.

4.3.2 Students who reside in accommodation on the Penglais Campus, Fferm Penglais, Pentre Jane Morgan and Pantycelyn are eligible for a Halls permit. Additionally, students in the seafront residences of Carpenter, Ceredigion, Ty Gwerin and Glyndwr are able to apply for a permit on a first-come-first-serve basis.

4.3.3 Students must submit their applications online here. The processing of Student applications will not commence until after "student registration".

4.3.4 Those students who drive in from more than 3 miles away will be allocated a car park. (See 2.2b)

4.3.5 Please note, all permits will be cross-checked against our Residence list. (If you are found to have intentionally misss-informed us of your term time address, your parking permit may be terminated, and you will be reimbursed the sum of the permit minus an administration fee of £20). It may take up to 28 days for us to process your reimbursement

4.4 300 CLUB

4.4.1 300 Club Sports Centre members wishing to park a vehicle on the campus will be required to register their vehicle and display a valid 300 Club Permit on the top or bottom left hand corner of the vehicles windscreen whenever it is driven or parked on the campus. The issue of a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available to the holder.

4.4.2 AU Staff and Students are not permitted to apply for a 300 Club permit.

4.4.3 300 Club permit application forms are available from the security lodge at the campus entrance or follow the link Club 300 Parking Permit 2015/2016.


4.5.1 Former, retired members of staff are eligible for a permit to allow them to park on the University's estate. The same application form as for members of staff is to be used.


4.6.1 All casual visitors; including staff and students not previously issued with a valid parking permit are required to utilise the Pay & Display car parks, which are subject to a charge.

4.6.2 To allow for a turnover of visitors to the sports facilities, the Pay & Display car park adjacent to the Cage has a 2 hour limit with no return within 1 hour. A valid ticket is to be displayed at all times.

4.6.3 Visitors are permitted to park in excess of 4 hours in the Pay & Display car park at the Arts Centre if the correct fee is paid and a valid ticket displayed.

4.6.4 Occasional visitors to departments may be sent; in advance a visitors Day Parking Permit. Day Parking Permits are available upon request from Site Security at no cost. Alternatively departments can in advance request that Site Security prepare and issue a Day Parking Permit to occasional visitors when they report to Penglais Campus Reception on arrival.

4.6.5 For delegates attending prearranged conferences, seminars, or other special events organising departments should liaise with Security Staff well in advance. Special parking arrangements can then be considered and agreed in order to ensure that the resultant impact on the University's normal routine activity is mitigated.

4.6.6 Contractors and other externally engaged employees may be issued a Contractors Temporary Permit, available from the Reception Lodge.

4.6.7 AU Staff and Students are not deemed visitors under the terms of the Regulations and are not permitted to use Day Parking Permits.


4.7.1 Students or members of Staff in possession of a Blue Badge and the appropriate Staff or Student parking permit may park in bays reserved for blue badge holders.


5.1 The scale of fees for parking permits is determined by the University Council and reviewed annually. The following concessions are made:

a. Motorcycles - 50% reduction

b. Disabled Blue Badge Holders - Free


5.2.1 Permits issued will remain valid until 31st December 2018.

5.2.2 Members of Staff are to pay for their permits through their salary, deducted monthly.

5.2.3 Permit prices per month for academic year 2015/2016:

Grade Permit1 - 34 - 67 +
Staff £5.20 £6.06 £6.93
Restricted £5.20 £6.06 £6.93
Part Time £2.62 £2.62 £2.62
Motorcycles £2.60 £3.03 £3.46
Disabled Blue Badge Holders Free Free Free

Disclaimer: Aberystwyth University reserve the right to review the fees on an annual basis, which may result in a price increase.


5.3.1 Student Permits are valid for an academic year. Permits issued for the 2015/2016 session will be valid from 21st September 2015 - 30th September 2016.

5.3.2 Student permits which are no longer required must be returned and will be refunded pro rata, less an administration charge. Permits that have been used in excess of 6 months will not be refunded.

5.3.3 A permit holder disposing of their vehicle should immediately surrender their permit to Security Staff who will either issue a new permit for a replacement vehicle, or a refund if appropriate.

5.3.4 Permit prices for academic year 2015/2016.

Car Halls £41.60
Motorcycle £21.20
Disabled Blue Badge Holders Free

Disclaimer: Aberystwyth University reserve the right to review the fees on an annual basis, which may result in a price increase.


5.4.1 300 Club permits are available to members of the University Sports Centre Club.

5.4.2 This permit will allow the Sport Club member to park their vehicle in the car park adjacent to the Cage, or in the new car park next to the Sports Centre. Due to limited parking resources, a two hour time limit with no return in one hour will be imposed ensuring a turnover of spaces, thereby increasing the ability to find parking.

5.4.3 A permit holder disposing of their vehicle should immediately surrender their permit to Security Staff who will either issue a new permit for a replacement vehicle, or a refund if appropriate.

5.4.4 Permits will be issued against production of a Sports Club membership card.

5.4.5 Permits are available from the Security Lodge at the Campus Entrance or click on the link Club 300 Parking Permit 2015/2016. Permit price for academic year 2015/2016:

300 Club £25.00

Disclaimer: Aberystwyth University reserve the right to review the fees on an annual basis, which may result in a price increase.


5.5.1 Former, retired members of staff may purchase a permit. .

5.5.2 Permits are available from the Security Lodge at the Campus Entrance. Permit price for academic year 2015/2016:

Retired member of staff £25.00


6.1 Site Security is charged with the implementation and enforcement of the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations, which will be enforced as set out below:


6.2.1 Parking on University property entails an assumed 'contract of parking', the conditions of which are stated on signage at entrances to the University and, in or at the entrance to, car parks. The University operates as a sanction the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to vehicles that contravene the parking regulations.

6.2.2 Any breach of these conditions leaves the driver of the vehicle liable to the issue of a PCN by a security officer. The notice gives the driver details of the breach and an opportunity to discharge the debt by payment to the managing company. The charge is £80 but if the debt is paid promptly (within 14 days) a 50% discount will be applied (£40)

6.2.3 In the first instance, any vehicle contravening the Aberystwyth University Parking Regulations will be issued with a warning notice. This notice may be adhesive and will be attached to the windscreen.

6.2.4 In the case of a second contravention, a PCN will be issued and attached to the windscreen.

6.2.5 Although the ticket is issued by University Security staff, all follow up action including payment collection and appeal management, is dealt with by the managing company Car Parking Partnership, details of which can be found on the Civil Parking Notice.

6.2.6 If the parking charge is not paid within 28 days, the managing company will request the registered keepers' details from the DVLA. They will then write to the registered keeper to inform them a parking charge is payable. If the keeper cannot, or will not identify the driver, the keeper becomes liable. (Protection of Freedoms Act 2010-12)


6.3.1 The 'Contract of Parking' includes that a driver should not:

  • Fail to pay the appropriate car parking charges for the full duration of the stay
  • Overstay the permitted time
  • Park across more than a single marked bay
  • Park in a disabled parking bay without displaying a valid disabled badge
  • Park in a loading bay during restricted hours when not actually unloading
  • Park in a reserved parking space without clearly displaying a valid permit
  • Park in an area reserved for emergency vehicles
  • Park in an unauthorised area
  • Park in 'Permit Holders Only' area when the holder of Pay & Display ticket
  • Park on double yellow lines or in cross hatched area
  • Park on grassed or gravel areas not designed for parking without authority from Security Staff given for that occasion
  • Park so as to cause obstruction or inconvenience to others
  • Park without clearly displaying the required permit or Pay & Display ticket


7.1 A full appeals process is available with details of how to appeal is provided on the issued Parking Charge Notice. All appeals are dealt with in a fair and ethical manner by the Enforcement company who are regulated by the British Parking Association.

7.2 All appeals are dealt with and considered on an individual basis. The circumstances of the PCN that has been issued will be considered in line with our parking regulations.

7.3 Once the company are in receipt of your correspondence, the process will be put on hold whilst the appeal is being considered. If the appeal is received within the 14 day discount period, the case will be placed on hold at the reduced fee. Cases are automatically placed in a queue and reviewed in sequential order by the date the challenge is received. If further correspondence is received before the appeal is reviewed the case will be re sequenced.

7.4 To ensure a full audit trail exists, all appeals are to be made in writing. The contact details for appeals and payment is printed on the reverse of the PCN and on signs at the site.

7.5 PLEASE NOTE: If a PCN is paid an appeal cannot be submitted retrospectively.