Undergraduate Study

The Department of Physics offers a range of degree schemes in Physics, Space Physics and in joint honours and major/minor combinations with many subjects including Mathematics, Computer Science, Education and Business Studies.

Studying Physics

Physics is a brilliant subject to study and the discipline brings rigor and versatility to whatever you do.

Simple at heart, physics travels everywhere, feeding all the new sciences and fostering the most modern technology.

At Aberystwyth we place a strong emphasis on teaching physics effectively. Our record is excellent and is built on more than 110 years of experience.

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Degree Schemes

Undergraduate degrees

Joint and Major/Minor BSc Schemes

If you would like to discuss your degree options further please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Apply

For further information and to discuss your application for physics at Aberystwyth please contact:

  • Admissions Tutor: Dr. Balazs Pinter
  • Telephone: 01970 622802
  • Email: phys@aber.ac.uk

For general information about applying to Aberystwyth University and the UCAS process, please visit the University Applications Page.

We also admit students to the second year of any undergraduate physics degrees via an articulation agreement with the Open University.


The Department and the University offer a range of scholarships and bursaries. The main ones are listed in the table below.

Department Scholarship £500 per year
Entrance Scholarships up to £1200
Excellence Scholarships £1000 per year
Merit Award £1000 one off payment

 There are also a selection of other awards available each year, for more details see Scholarships and Bursaries.

Student Showcase

The Student Showcase fosters and presents various initiatives led by our students. These include description of first-hand experience in the Arctic, intriguing stories about adventures and student life. Our students also gain valuable experience in journalism, scientific writing, and interacting with the public. They publish a journal about our current research in the Department, cover recent events that may be of interest for both physicists and the general public.

Current student initiatives

Svalbard student blogs:


Solar Eclipse

Our very own Nathalia (Naty) Alzate is on a research trip to a very isolated island in Indonesia, where she will be part of an international team to observe the upcoming total solar eclipse. You can keep up with her adventures on https://indonesiaeclipse2016.wordpress.com/