Rachel Cross PhD (Wales)


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Room Number..........:  2.13
Building....................:  Physical Sciences
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 622820
E-Mail........................:   rac21

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The PanCam Instrument for the ExoMars RoverCoates, A. J., Jaumann, R., Griffiths, A. D., Leff, C. E., Schmitz, N., Josset, J. -L., Paar, G., Gunn, M., Hauber, E., Cousins, C. R., Cross, R. E., Grindrod, P., Bridges, J. C., Balme, M., Gupta, S., Crawford, I. A., Irwin, P., Stabbins, R., Tirsch, D., Vago, J. L., Theodorou, T., Caballo-Perucha, M., Osinski, G. R. & Team, T. P. 2017 In : Astrobiology.17, 6, 31 p.
Planetary science and exploration in the deep subsurface: results from the MINAR Program, Boulby Mine, UKPayler, S. J., Biddle, J. F., Coates, A. J., Cousins, C. R., Cross, R. E., Cullen, D. C., Downs, M. T., Direito, S. O. L., Edwards, T., Gray, A. L., Genis, J., Gunn, M., Hansford, G. M., Harkness, P., Holt, J., Josset, J-L., Li, X., Lees, D. S., Lim, D. S. S., Mchugh, M., Mcluckie, D., Meehan, E., Paling, S. M., Souchon, A., Yeoman, L. & Cockell, C. S. 2017 In : International Journal of Astrobiology.16, 2, p. 114-12916 p.
Remote detection of past habitability at Mars-analogue hydrothermal alteration terrains using an ExoMars Panoramic Camera emulatorHarris, J. K., Cousins, C. R., Gunn, M., Grindrod, P. M., Barnes, D., Crawford, I. A., Cross, R. E. & Coates, A. J. 2015 In : Icarus.252, p. 284-30017 p.
Optical investigations of Boron NitrideCross, R. E. 2015
Optical investigations of Boron NitrideCross, R. E. 2015
Characterization of spray-coating methods for conjugated polymer blend thin filmsNoebels, M., Cross, R. E., Evans, D. A. & Finlayson, C. 2014 In : Journal of Materials Science.49, 12, p. 4279-42879 p.
Radiometrically calibrated hyper spectral optical imaging for light emission and scattering in diamondCross, R. E. 2014
Developing a Hyperspectral CLose UP Imager With UV Excitation (HyperCLUPI) for Mars ExplorationBarnes, D., Josset, J. L., Coates, A. J., Cousins, C. R., Cockell, C., Gunn, M. D., Cross, R. E. & Langstaff, D. 2014 p. EPSC2014-729
Hyperspectral optical imaging for light emission and scattering in diamondCross, R. E. 2013
Hyperspectral optical imaging for material characterisationCross, R. E. 2013
Light emission and molecular orientation in thin films of solution-processed semiconducting polymersCross, R. E. 2013
Snapshot Electron Spectroscopy using a Linear ArrayCross, R. & Langstaff, D. 2011
Light emission from ultrathin organic films grown by in-vacuo electrospray depositionCross, R. E. 2010