Simon cooil

Research Associate

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Room Number..........:  1.32
Building....................:  Physical Sciences
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 622816
E-Mail........................:   sic28

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Cooil, S.P., Mazzola, F., Klemm, H.W., Peschel, G., Niu, Y.R., Zakharov, A.A., Simmons, M.Y., Schmidt, T., Evans, D., Miwa, J.A., Wells, J.W. 2017. In Situ Patterning of Ultrasharp Dopant Profiles in Silicon. ACS Nano 11 (2) pp. 1683-1688. 10.1021/acsnano.6b07359 Cadair


Cooil, S.P., Wells, J.W., Hu, D., Niu, Y.R., Zakharov, A.A., Bianchi, M., Evans, D.A. 2015. Controlling the growth of epitaxial graphene on metalized diamond (111) surface. Applied Physics Letters 107 (18) 181603 10.1063/1.4935073 Cadair

Mazzola, F., Trinh, T., Cooil, S., Østli, E.R., Høydalsvik, K., Skjønsfjell, E.T.B., Kjelstrup, S., Preobrajenski, A., Cafolla, A.A., Evans, D.A., Breiby, D.W., Wells, J.W. 2015. Graphene coatings for chemotherapy: avoiding silver-mediated degradation. 2D Materials 2 (2) 025004 10.1088/2053-1583/2/2/025004 Cadair

Bianchi, M., Song, F., Cooil, S., Monsen, A.F., Wahlström, E., Miwa, J.A., Rienks, E.D.L., Evans, D.A., Strozecka, A., Pascual, J.I., Leandersson, M., Balasubramanian, T., Hofmann, P., Wells, J.W. 2015. One-dimensional spin texture of Bi(441): Quantum spin Hall properties without a topological insulator. Physical Review B 91 (16) 165307 10.1103/PhysRevB.91.165307 Other Cadair


Heinhold, R., Cooil, S.P., Evans, D.A., Allen, M.W. 2014. Stability of the Surface Electron Accumulation Layers on the Nonpolar (1010) and (1120) Faces of ZnO. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (42) pp. 24575-24582. 10.1021/jp507820m Other Cadair

Williams, G.T., Cooil, S.P., Roberts, O.R., Evans, S., Langstaff, D.P., Evans, D.A. 2014. High temperature photoelectron emission and surface photovoltage in semiconducting diamond. Applied Physics Letters 105 (6) 061602 10.1063/1.4893274 Cadair


Heinhold, R., Williams, G.T., Cooil, S.P., Evans, D.A., Allen, M.W. 2013. Influence of polarity and hydroxyl termination on the band bending at ZnO surfaces. Physical Review B 88 (23) 235315 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.235315 Cadair

Evans, D.A., Vearey-Roberts, A.R., Roberts, O.R., Williams, G.T., Cooil, S.P., Langstaff, D.P., Cabailh, G., McGovern, I.T., Goss, J.P. 2013. Transport and optical gaps and energy band alignment at organic-inorganic interfaces. Journal of Applied Physics 114 (12) 123701 10.1063/1.4823518 Cadair


Cooil, S.P., Song, F., Williams, G.T., Roberts, O.R., Langstaff, D.P., Jørgensen, B., Høydalsvik, K., Breiby, D.W., Wahlström, E., Evans, D.A., Wells, J.W. 2012. Iron-mediated growth of epitaxial graphene on SiC and diamond. Carbon 50 (14) pp. 5099-5105. 10.1016/j.carbon.2012.06.050 Cadair