Zhongfu Zhou

Research Professor

Contact Details

Room Number..........:  3.21
Building....................:  Physical Sciences
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 621907
E-Mail........................:   zzz


Zhongfu is a graduate of the University of Science & Technology Beijing, China (B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy and Materials (Rare-Earth Engineering), 1992; Ph.D in Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy and Materials, 1998). He obtained his D.Phil. in Materials Science from the University of Oxford in 2005. Before moving to the UK, Zhongfu worked as a lecturer at the university he graduated from, and technology director and production manager in a company in China for short periods. In 2002, he started his D.Phil. study in Oxford. After finishing his D.Phil. study in Oxford in 2005, Zhongfu joined Prof. Kenneth Harris’ research group at the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University as a research associate, and then he was appointed as a permanent research fellow in Cardiff University since 2008. Zhongfu moved to Aberystwyth in 2010 to work for IMAPS and CAFMaD. He is also a visiting fellow to the Department of Materials, University of Oxford since 2006, and is a distinguished professor of Shanghai University, China since 2011.

Research Interests

  • My Areas of Research are:
    • Design, simulation and fabrication of new glassy materials: In collaboration with Prof. Neville Greaves in developing new types of glass materials with unusual properties and functionalities with the aid of large scale computer simulation and advanced visualization techniques.
    • Characterization and simulation of nanodefects: Research in this field involves developing characterization techniques of combining experimental observation using electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction/scattering and computer simulations to tackle the difficulties of characterizing defects and inclusions in materials.
    • Structure determination of crystals using X-Ray diffraction: This was my main research field in Cardiff University. My research has been extensively involved in optimization and further development of methodological aspects of the direct-space strategy for structure solution from powder X-ray diffraction data using genetic algorithm.
    • Materials design: I have interests in designing materials based on the fundamental aspects of “crystal engineering” and “defect engineering”. Molecular mechanics (MM), molecular dynamics(MD) and DFT calculations are commonly used in the design strategy. Working on this field is also focused on further development of the molecular quasicrystals first introduced in 2006.
    • Developing of materials simulations packages/software: TEMACI for TEM imaging of defects, DynaDS for electron diffuse scattering from defects and impurities, EAGER for structure solution of crystals from powder X-Ray diffraction data, as well as materials visualization tools for “visualizing” the microstructures and dynamics of materials.



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