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Biogeochemical probing of microbial communities in a basalt-hosted hot spring at Kverkfjöll volcano, IcelandCousins, C., Fogel, M., Bowden, R., Crawford, I. A., Boyce, A., Cockell, C. & Gunn, M. 2018 In : Geobiology.16, 5, p. 507-52115 p.
Subsurface scientific exploration of extraterrestrial environments (MINAR 5): analogue science, technology and education in the Boulby Mine, UKCockell, C. S., Holt, J., Campbell, J., Groseman, H., Josset, J-L., Bontognali, T. R. R., Phelps, A., Hakobyan, L., Kuretn, L., Beattie, A., Blank, J., Bonaccorsi, R., McKay, C., Shirvastava, A., Stoker, C., Willson, D., McLaughlin, S., Payler, S., Stevens, A., Wadsworth, J., Bessone, L., Maurer, M., Sauro, F., Martín-Torres, J., Zorzano, M-P., Bhardwaj, A., Soria-Salinas, A., Mathanlal, T., Nazarious, M. I., Ramachandran, A. V., Vaishampayan, P., Guan, L., Perl, S. M., Telling, J., Boothroyd, I. M., Tyson, O., Realff, J., Rowbottom, J., Lauernt, B., Gunn, M., Shah, S., Singh, S., Toth, C., Scovell, P. & Suckling, B. 2018 In : International Journal of Astrobiology.
Attenuation of light in different rock types and implications for rock surface luminescence datingOu, X. J., Roberts, H. M., Duller, G. A. T., Gunn, M. D. & Perkins, W. T. 2018 In : Radiation Measurements.
Strategies for equivalent dose determination without heating, suitable for portable luminescence readersRoberts, H. M., Duller, G. A. T., Gunn, M., Cousins, C., Cross, R. E. & Langstaff, D. 2018 In : Radiation Measurements.
RAVEN: A Concept for VRMiles, H., Gunn, M., Cousins, C., Leff, C., Gupta, S., Ortner, T., Traxler, C. & Paar, G. 2018
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