Mr Nathan Davies

Mr Nathan Davies


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Originating from Nottinghamshire, Nathan graduated with a first class honours degree in Physics with PSP from Aberystwyth University. His final year dissertation focussed on the deposition of photovoltaic chalcopyrite-nanoparticles utilising phyllosilicate clays.

Currently studying for his PhD within the Materials Research Group at Aberystwyth, Nathan's research now covers the field of soft matter physics. Specifically he focusses on the physical characterisation of doped copolymer systems, as well as the methodology of creating such structures through micro-phase separation.

Nathan is a proponent of scientific outreach and is a registered STEM ambassador. In 2014 Nathan was awarded the Infinity Tudor Jenkins Memorial Prize for significant contributions to scientific outreach. Outside of academia he has a keen interest in whisky tasting (being particularly fond of Islay's), the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, and also spending time relaxing with his cat.