Research Specialisms

Information processing, learning and cognition

How do we learn that one thing causes another? Learn languages? Process information when making decisions? Find something funny?
These kinds of questions are addressed by the researchers in the Information Processing, Learning and Cognition Group who work in a range of fields of psychology including forensic, psycholinguistics, cognition, evolution, and developmental psychology.

Staff: Catherine O’Hanlon & Saffron Passam


Person in social context

What are the relationships between society, culture and how we think about ourselves? How does identity affect health and wellbeing? How is psychological knowledge linked to power?
These kinds of questions are addressed by the researchers in the Person in social context group whose work cross between social, health and critical psychology, and with other disciplines such as geography, media and cultural studies. Their work focuses on issues of sports and exercise, physical cultures, body image, gender, music and teaching, alcohol, postfeminism and the dynamics between neoliberalism and subjectivity.

Staff: Gareth Hall, Antonia Ivaldi,Martine Robson & Sarah Riley.

The Person in social context group is also home to CRISPA (Critical Research in Social Psychology at Aberystwyth). This interdisciplinary group of postgraduate students and staff explores 21st Century Self through poststructuralist perspectives, with an emphasis on affirmative and participatory methods.

Members of CRISPA: Sue Black, David Dalley, Nkechinyelu Edeh, Elizabeth Gagen, Alison Mackiewicz, Sagar Murdeshwar, Saffron Passam, Sarah Riley, Martine Robson.


Rural health

How do we do effective service delivery in a rural context? What motivates people towards healthy behaviours and lifestyles? What are the psychological aspects of telehealth technology?
These kinds of questions are addressed by the researchers in the rural health group who work closely with clinical and health organisations such as the Hywel Dda University Health Board. Their work focuses on applying health psychology models to health service delivery in the rural context.

Staff: Rachel Rahman