Because of its central location, its close knit community, and because its such a wonderful place to live, Aberystwyth attracts students from all parts of Wales. Apart from these great assets, its proximity to other academic institutions such as The National Library and the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies also make it a renowned centre of learning. It is a wonderful place to study. The Department of Welsh at Aberystwyth is the oldest and largest of the departments of Welsh in Wales. Since its establishment, its members (staff and students alike) have made an important contribution to the life and culture of Wales in the fields of scholarship, literature, education, politics and broadcasting.

There is no doubt that it is an exceptional Department. It has substantial staff resources, and this is a distinct advantage for giving students a foundation of expertise in their learning, and in providing a variety of courses. Our aim is to secure a flourishing future for the Department by ensuring that these high academic standards are maintained and, at the same time, that attractive and relevant courses are provided for students of a new millennium.

This brochure is written predominantly in Welsh. However information about the four-year BA degree scheme for beginners (for prospective students who currently have little or no Welsh) is given in English. To view the brochure click on the picture below, or you can order a hard copy. Further information is also available on the Department of Welsh's web pages.