Handbook for Supervisors of Research Postgraduates

2.0  Registration And Induction

2.1  Registration

Students need to register at the beginning of their studies and again each September of their minimum registration period. Information about the introduction to the University, registration and induction will be sent in advance through the post to all incoming students. Returning students will be informed about the procedure for re-registration through the post and via the Academic Office web pages. Re-registration is subject to satisfactory progress. After formal registration, the University will grant students access to its facilities. It will supply certificates of registration on request to the Academic Office. For full information see the AU Code of Practice for Research Postgraduates.

If students have not registered please direct them to the Academic Office, Old College.

2.2  Introduction and Induction

2.2.1  University Introduction and Induction

A programme of introduction, registration and induction for all new full-time postgraduates is organised at the beginning of each academic year by the Office of Postgraduate Studies. Details of the programme will be sent to new students in advance of their arrival in Aberystwyth. Last year's programme can be accessed on the Postgraduate Studies web site. Part-time students are encouraged to attend part or the whole of the induction programme. In addition, an introductory day is organised for International and visiting students prior to registration. Many departments also offer their own induction programmes and will also send out details in advance. Where this is the case students should attend both University and departmental induction. The Office of Postgraduate Studies and/or departments will make alternative induction arrangements for students who register at later points during the academic year. Students will be provided with an introductory pack, elements of which are also available on the Postgraduate Studies web site.

2.2.2  Departmental Induction

During the induction period, departments will provide supplementary information about postgraduate research in the relevant subject and the names and contact details of the student's supervisors and information about how supervisory arrangements work. Departments will also provide details about opportunities that exist for meeting other research students and staff at departmental level and beyond, and for developing scholarly competence and independent thought.

The supervisor should meet with the student during the induction period and agree on their plans for the programme including the following:

  • the desired outcomes of the programme with planned objectives of the research, taking account of the sponsor's requirements where appropriate;
  • the training and general educational needs of the student, measured against the Research Councils' Joint Skills Statement [see Appendix 1];
  • the means by which the student will communicate progress to the supervisor(s) and how they will arrange regular meetings;
  • monitoring of progress in the research and training aspects of the programme.