Handbook for Supervisors of Research Postgraduates

8.2  Submission of the Thesis

8.2.1  Prior to the Candidate Submitting the Thesis

Candidate collects an Intention to Submit form and the relevant Submission Documents. These can be obtained from the Academic Office or the Department or from the web. They are available on the web in either .rtf or .html format and can be found on their web site.

Candidate fills in their part of the Intention to Submit form and hands it in to the Department.

Department completes the rest of the Intention to Submit form and forwards it to the Academic Office up to three months but no less than four weeks prior to the submission of the thesis. This four week minimum is essential as the following procedures must be undertaken before the thesis can be sent out:

  • Gold Certificate requested

    A thesis cannot be examined until all debts are verified as being cleared by Income Services. Their reply takes about 10-14 days but can take longer during busy periods. If the candidate has outstanding debts, the Finance Office writes to him/her and sends a copy of this letter to the department. The thesis cannot be examined until all debts are cleared.

  • Copy of Intention to Submit sent to Director of Postgraduate Studies

    The Director of Postgraduate Studies must approve the nominated External Examiner(s). Any problems such as referral to the Federal University Special Cases Committee, can then be resolved before the candidate submits their thesis.

  • External Examiner Contacted

    The proposed External Examiner is contacted by letter and is asked to confirm that he/she is willing to act as the External Examiner in respect of the candidate concerned and his/her appointment is in accordance with the regulations etc. At this stage they are sent a copy of the Code of Practice for External Examiners and the Regulations and Standing Orders of the University. It is not enough for the External Examiner to have informally agreed with the department that they will act as an examiner.

    These procedures are essential, they cannot be bypassed and it is only when they have all been carried out satisfactorily that the thesis will be sent for examination.

8.2.2  Candidate Submits Thesis to Department

The candidate submits two copies of their thesis to the department, bound and presented in accordance with the submission documents, along with the specified documentation ie.

  • 2 notice of candidature forms duly completed.
  • 1 loose summary sheet

A thesis submitted in temporary binding must contain the following elements:


  • Surname and initials of candidate
  • Institution
  • Degree for which the work is being submitted

NB: When the permanently bound copies of the theses are deposited with the libraries, in addition to the above, the spine must also bear the following information:

  • The full title (or abbreviated title) of the work
  • Date of Submission e.g. 2005.

Statements/Declarations (As specified in the submission documents).

  • Must be bound into both theses and all signatures original.

Summary (As specified in the submission documents).


  • The full title of the thesis
  • Candidate's full name
  • Degree for which the work is being submitted eg - Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MPhil /PhD.
  • Institution
  • Date
  • Department (optional)

Acknowledgements (optional).

Contents Page

Important: It is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that the thesis is correctly bound and presented and the appropriate paperwork included BEFORE it is sent to the Academic Office. If any elements are missing then the thesis will be sent back to the Department for amendment. The above are summary guidelines only and should not replace the information contained in the Submission Documents. If a supervisor/internal examiner is unsure if a thesis meets the submission criteria, they should refer to their Department's Postgraduate Co-ordinator who will have copies of the most up to date Submission Documents and guidelines.

It is also the responsibility of the Department to keep an accurate record of the actual date the thesis is submitted to the Department, and to provide the candidate with a date-stamped receipt. The Department sends both copies of the thesis and the candidate's paperwork to the Academic Office along with the Research Theses Submission Details form. The relevant fee should also be included for a staff candidate or if appropriate, a letter from the Head of Department enclosed confirming that the Department will pay and relevant finance codes.

8.2.3  Academic Office Administration

Thesis is sent to the External Examiner with...

  • Covering letter
  • Report and Result form (Notes for External and Internal Examiners attached)
  • Copy of the student's Notice of Candidature form
  • Expenses claim form, notes on claiming, hotel lists etc.

Thesis sent to the Internal Examiner with...

  • Covering letter
  • Notes for External and Internal Examiners
  • Copy of the student's Notice of Candidature form
  • Enabling Regulations
  • Standing Order 20

Thesis Examination Co-ordinator informed by letter

Candidate informed by letter

University of Wales Registry (UWR ), in Cardiff, notified
The following information is sent to UWR to confirm that the thesis has been submitted and sent for examination:

  • Notice of Candidature form
  • Gold Certificate
  • Loose summary sheet
  • Photocopy of page of statements and declarations from thesis
  • Photocopy of acknowledgements
  • Photocopy of title page.