Current Scholarship Vacancies and Application Forms

Here you will find links to Current Scholarship Vacancy adverts along with the various Application Forms for KESS 2.

Project Application Forms:

These forms are used for academics and companies submitting project proposals. The current deadline for calls is 31st October 2017.

KESS 2 Project Application Form 2017-18

KESS 2 Project Application Budget Section

Student Application Forms:

These forms are for potential students wishing to apply to any of the vacancies below.

KESS II Student Participant Proposal Form 2017-18


Current Vacancies:

PhD Opportunities

Is there a genetic basis for recurrent mass mortality in cockles? (AU30004)

Seed yield for the emerging market of forage grass seed production in Wales (AU30007)

Metal recovery and CO2 sequestration with steel production waste materials (AU30017)

An Intelligent Approach to Bed Occupancy Modelling to Enhance Patient Care (AU30022)

An exploration of the cultural-linguistic heritage of maritime areas in Wales and its relevance to developing an ecosystem-based approach to contemporary landscape management (AU30023)

Upgrading and implementing mathematical models to increase nitrogen use efficiency of lactating dairy cows (AU30024)

Adaptive Real-Time Intelligent Systems for Self-management of Chronic Lung Diseases (AU30025)

Valorisation of Industrial Hemp waste material through the recovery of secondary compounds with therapeutic properties (AU30026)

Determination of the most appropriate cell sources and harvest methods for in vitro culturing of pig meat (AU30027)

Applying novel molecular approaches to understanding the ecology and impact of wood-boring and bark-feeding insects in coniferous tree forestry (AU30032)

MPhil Opportunities

Developing Oats for Improving Human and Animal Health (AUM30004)

 Investigation of Best Practice in Metadata for Sound and Moving Images (AUM30005)