Institute Directors of Research

The Institute Director of Research has a key role to play in working with the Institute Director / Head of Department to create an appropriate research culture and operate an effective Institute / Departmental research structure.

He/She will be a proactive champion of research and work closely with, and in support of, the Institute Director /  Head of Department on a range of research issues.






Institute / Department  EmailTelephone 
Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Dr Alison Kingston-Smith 01970 823062

IBERS Theme -Animal and Aquatic Sciences

Dr Chris Creevey 01970 621612
IBERS Theme - Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Dr Dylan Gwynn-Jones 01970 622318
IBERS Theme - Biology and Health Professor Luis Mur 01970 622981
Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Professor Reyer Zwiggelaar 01970 628691
Institute of Arts and Humanities Dr Andrew Davies 01970 628743
Art Professor Colin Cruise 01970 622465
Education  Dr Sian Lloyd-Williams  01970 628527
English Please contact the Institute DoR, Dr Andrew Davies
Modern Languages Please contact the Institute DoR, Dr Andrew Davies    
TFTS Please contact the Institute DoR, Dr Andrew Davies
Welsh Please contact the Institute DoR, Dr Andrew Davies
Institute of Business and Law Professor Nicholas Perdikis   

01970 622517 
Law and Criminology Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz 01970 621657
Accounting, Finance and Economics Professor Homagni Choudhury 01970 621587
Management, including Marketing and Tourism Please contact the Institute DoR: Prof Nicholas Perdikis  01970 622517 
Institute of Professional Development Professor David Ellis 01970 622640
Institute of Geography, History, Politics & Psychology
Dr Andy Mitchell

01970 622611

Professor Bjorn Weiler  

01970 621823

(Science) and Department of Geography and Earth Sciences (DGES) Professor Peter Merriman

01970 622574

Department of History and Welsh History Professor Peter Borsay 01970 622250
Department of International Politics Dr Berit Bliesemann De Guevarra 01970 622852
Department of Psychology Dr Sarah Riley 01970 628482


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