Research Monitoring

Research Monitoring has two, interrelated purposes. The first is to ensure that research staff and academic units are prepared for the future Research Excellence Framework ‘REF 2021’, thereby enabling the University to make the best return possible. The second is developmental - to advise units and individual research staff in order that they may attain their best research performance, as measured by the REF.

Individual research staff are monitored either within an Institute or Department. This is undertaken by the Institute / Department Director of Research, sometimes with another senior colleague. This should occur twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn, though as the REF deadline approaches more frequent monitoring may be introduced. Institutes/Departments then meet with the University’s Research Monitoring Committee, chaired by the Professor of Research Excellence and Impact, which then reports to the University Executive.

Effective monitoring requires up to date and accurate information. Towards the end of the REF cycle, this will be generated by PURE. In the early stages however, because research plans may still be developing, the Personal Research Plan (PeRP) system will be used. This will give us a more accurate picture of staff plans and enable us to offer more useful advice on REF plans.

Blank copies of the PeRP form are available here (PeRP Form).

Professor Colin McInnes
Professor of Research, Impact, and Excellence