Correcting Misconceptions about Social Science Research

What is Social Science all About?

This event will be an opportunity to find out more about the relevance of social science research at AU, and will include video and audio presentations, a robot demonstration, and a debate. The event is designed for the general public, academics and older school pupils.

When: 12-5pm, Friday 4th November 2011

Where: Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University


Come and have a cup of tea and talk to researchers at Aberystwyth University about their research and its relevance to you and to the world.

For further details or to book your place please contact Dr Jo Walker / 01970 621616


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Interactive Display: So you think you know Wales? A quiz, with the chance of winning a prize, exploring and challenging popular conceptions about Wales; its population, economy and environment. 
Presentation and Debate: Surveillance, Spies and 'Spooks'. Exploring themes and issues in the representation of intelligence within the context of the war on Iraq, the atrocities of 9/11 and 7/7, and controversies over human rights and the ‘war on terror’.

"Image and Audio Presentation: Practices of looking: Women, Sex and Consumer Culture"

Presenting research documenting women’s experiences of sexualisation within our culture. There will also be a workshop at 1pm. This activity will be aimed appropriately for secondary school children and older.
Interactive Display: Emotional Robots. Encouraging interaction with a robot controlled by a simple algorithm exhibiting ‘scared’ and ‘calm’ behaviour. We’ll discuss people’s reactions to the robot, explain the simplicity of its programming and question why we tend to attribute feelings to a machine.
Rolling Video and Questionnaire: Public Perceptions of Bio-Renewables Introducing new forms of energy production, particularly biomass energy. Researchers will run a questionnaire (with a prize draw), to feed into their research, investigating public understanding of bio-renewables and whether lifestyles would change if sustainability were more thoroughly understood. 
Display: Social Science, What is It? Encouraging you to tell us what you think social science means, and whether you believe that research at Aberystwyth can impact your daily life.