Photograph of Professor Steve McGuire.Professor Steve McGuire

Director of School of Management and Business Professor of Management Director, Centre for International Business and Public Policy (CIBaPP)
BA (Calgary), MA (Toronto), D.Phil (Oxford)


Office: 3.03 Rheidol Building, Llanbadarn
Phone: +44 (0) 1970 62 2200


  • Strategic Management: corporate political activity, non-market strategy and political risk.
  • International Political Economy: European and global economic governance (EU regulatory processes, World Trade Organisation, private/public regulation of the international economy)
  • Technology and the firm (competence creation and destruction through technological change)


Steven McGuire’s research interests are in the areas of international political economy, international business and corporate political activity. He has a particular interest in the interaction of firms and governments in international trade, and has published a number of papers on the World Trade Organisation. He has also written extensively on technology policy in Europe and the United States.

He was previously a senior lecturer in international business at the University of Bath, and in 2009 he was a visiting professor at the College of Europe. He has also taught on degree and executive development programmes at the Audencia Nantes Management School, the University of Bath and the Vlerick Business School.

He is currently researching regional trade agreements and investment flows across the Atlantic as part of a major EU Framework Seven project, ATLANTIC FUTURE.  His previous research has been funded by the British Academy, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and the Nuffield Foundation. He serves on the editorial boards of two journals, Business and Politics and European Journal of International Management.  He is also a member of the ESRC’s Peer Review College.

Staff Publications


  • The European Union and the United States: Competition and Convergence in the Global Arena , (co-authored with Michael Smith), Palgrave Press, 2008, 336 pages.
  • Trade Politics: International, Domestic and Regional Perspectives, 2nd Ed. (co-edited with Brian Hocking), London: Routledge, 2004, 326 pages.

Refereed journal articles

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