Photograph of Tony McGuinness.Tony McGuinness

Senior Lecturer in Marketing
BSc (Econ) (Wales), MA (Warwick)


Phone: +44 (0)1970 62 2529


  • Strategy Implementation
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Organisational Change and Innovation


After graduating with first class honours in economics from Aberystwyth University, Tony McGuinness took an MA in industrial economics at the University of Warwick, where he then was employed for two years doing research on the advertising of cigarettes. A year's study in the economics graduate programme of The University of Pennsylvania was followed by economics lectureships in the Universities of St. Andrews, Wales (UWIST), and Sheffield, and a visiting assistant professorship in Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA. In 1990 he returned to Aberystwyth to take up his current post, as Senior Lecturer in marketing in the School of Management and Business.

In the early part of his career his research work focused on economics and policy aspects of the demand for tobacco and alcohol products, on economic analysis of the firm, and on Austrian economics. Recently the focus of his research has shifted to the successful implementation of marketing strategy and organisational change, and includes work that was awarded the 2003 William Darden Award for the Best Research Methodology Article at the US Academy of Marketing Science conference.

His university teaching experience spans a broad range of economics, marketing and business subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate (MBA) levels, and latterly has been centred on marketing principles, marketing strategy, marketing research methods and business strategy.

Since returning to Aberystwyth the diversity of his work experience has been enhanced by acting as economic advisor to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, acting as an HEFCE subject assessor in Business and Management Studies, becoming an accredited user of Meredith Belbin's framework for developing successful management teams, and acting as Head of the Marketing and Enterprise Group with the School of Management and Business.

Among his activities outside work are tai chi, online chess, and (offline) golf.

Staff Publications

Recent Papers

  • Tony McGuinness and Robert E. Morgan (2005) "The effect of marketing and learning orientation on strategy dynamics: the contributing effect of organisational change capability" European Journal of Marketing, Vol.39, No. 11/12, pp.1306-1326.
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Recent Conference Papers

  • Tony McGuinness and Robert E. Morgan (2003) "Organisational change capability: the theoretical construct and its operational measurement" in Barry Babin and Alvin J. Williams (editors) Developments in Marketing Science, Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Washington DC, USA.
  • Awarded: William R. Darden Award for the Best Research Methodology Article at the conference
  • Tony McGuinness (2003) "Learning, entrepreneurship innovation and change in marketing organisations", Proceedings of The Academy of Marketing/AMA 8th Annual Research Symposium on the Marketing-Entrepreneurship Interface, University of Gloucester Business School

Books and Edited Books

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  • Keith Cowling, John Cable, Michael Kelly and Tony McGuinness (1975), Advertising and Economic Behaviour, MacMillan, London

Chapters in Edited Books

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