Kids' Classes

Dance Ffit Young  - Thursday 4.15 - 5pm - £1.85

We aim to bridge the gap cen wanting to dance but not be seen as a dancer - cool moves, with spins, lifts, balances . Easy to follow routines, inclusive teaching, confidence building and FUN! For school year 4+

Young Yoga - Monday 4 -5pm - £1.85

 Introducing yoga to children aged 8 - 12. Moves and flow of class appropriate to age group but parents can also join in for an additional fee if they want


Teen Circuits - Tuesday 4 - 4.45pm - £1.85

 Circuit training with all the latest training equipment at hand. For ages 13+


Box Rox

Let the Spiderman within, come out and play. Lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. One off come and try as well as availability for parties