Organisational Structure & Governance

Aberystwyth University is a chartered institution whose Charter was first awarded in 1889 and most recently revised in 2006. The University operates on the basis of its Charter, Statutes and Ordinances, which are defined below:

Charter - Defines objects, powers and officers of the University, and principles such as the power to teach and examine. For further information see:

Statutes - Comprise the rules concerning statutory bodies, members and officers of the University. For further information see:

Ordinances - Concerns how the University is governed within the general framework of the Charter and Statutes. For further information

The Court

The Court's role is to provide a public forum for communication and discussion of the University’s activities. The Court usually meets once annually, in March.

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The Council

The Council is Aberystwyth University’s supreme governing body, and is ‘responsible for the conduct of the University’s, administrative, financial and other affairs, in accordance with its objects'. The Council normally meets on a quarterly basis.

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The Senate

The Senate is the academic authority of the university. It is responsible to the Council for the academic functions of the university in teaching and research, and for the regulation and superintendence of students. The Senate usually meets on four occasions in each academic year.

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