Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017

Our Values

Our ambitions for the next five years are underpinned by values which our students and staff have communicated to us. These are values which we know are of central importance to all those who will be working to make the vision of Aberystwyth 2017 a reality. Aberystwyth 2017 is possible because of the people who embody the existing strengths and values of Aberystwyth 2012.

Aberystwyth is:


Striving for excellence in all areas and confident of the impact we have in the world.


Providing our people with the freedom to experiment by encouraging them to push at the boundaries of knowledge and their skills, and make the breakthroughs that change our world. As a University we are agile and flexible.


Celebrating the individual contribution of each colleague and each student, we work to enable all to reach their full potential, and remove barriers to success.


Working to establish partnerships across the world and attracting international students and staff to enrich the cultural and intellectual life of Aberystwyth.


Recognising the importance of our community and our Nation and the role which we have to play in contributing to the cultural, linguistic and economic capital of the region and of Wales.


Working in partnership and building strong networks of expertise locally, nationally and internationally.


Seeking to be open and responsive to the needs and views of our stakeholders.


Investing wisely and with an eye to sustainability and the economic, cultural and environmental impact of all our decisions.