Loans & Grants for Welsh Domiciled Students 2017/18

Tuition Fee Funding

Students who are studying in 2017/18 and are normally domiciled in Wales can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £4,046 per year to cover the initial cost of Tuition Fees. This Loan will only become repayable upon completion of your studies and if you are earning a salary in excess of £21,000 per annum.

It is also possible to apply for the non-repayable Welsh Government Tuition Fee Grant of up to £4,954 to cover the remaining tuition fee balance.

Maintenance Loan

The amount of Maintenance Loan available to you depends on where you will be living during term time and whether you will be studying in London.

The maximum amount of Maintenance Loan that you can get is also affected by your income and that of your parents or partner.

The amount of Maintenance Loan you receive depends on your household income and any grant you receive.

Where you live and studyMaximum Loan Available
You live with your parents up to £5,358
You live away from home and study outside London up to £6,922
You live away from home and study in London up to £9,697
You spend a year of a UK course studying overseas Up to £8,253

Welsh Government Learning Grant

If you’re a full-time Welsh student studying in 2017/18, you could be eligible to receive a non-repayable Assembly Learning Grant towards your living costs. The amount of Grant you receive depends upon your household income as shown in the table below.

Total Household IncomeWelsh Government Learning Grant available
£18,370 £5,161
£20,000 £4,715
£25,000 £3,347
£26,500 £2,936
£30,000 £2,099
£34,000 £1,142
£40,000 £734
£45,000 £393
£50,020 £50
over £50,020 £0

For further information in regards to Financial Support for Students studying in 2017/18, please visit the Student Finance Wales website.