Accessibility Services

We aim to provide all students with an experience of the highest quality, and to make our academic facilities available to all who meet our entrance requirements.

For disabled students, those with long standing health conditions or a specific learning difference, we aim for an inclusive curriculum accessible to all, adapted accommodation, and access to Green Card areas which are equipped with computers, special hardware, additional software and laptop access. We can offer you advice on enabling technology and individual examination arrangements so that you can reach your full potential and get the good results you deserve.

If you would like further information about our provision for students with disabilities or have specific questions, please contact us by email on or phone us on 01970 621761

Accessibility Advisers

At Aberystwyth University there are dedicated advisers to support you through the process of transition in and out of University. Our Accessibility Advisers will:

  • Provide advice and information to applicants and students (including care leavers, disabled students, autistic students, those with long term health conditions and those with specific learning differences) about provision available for your specific needs at the University
  • Support you through the process of accessing the provision that you need
  • Assist you in making the most of your attendance at Open or Visit Days
  • Advise you about the Disabled Students' Allowance application process or other funding available to support you individual needs
  • Assist you with accessing Individual Examination Arrangements
  • Advise you on the types of evidence you need to access specific provision within the University
  • Discuss with you to what extent you want your specific needs disclosed to other departments within the University

To make an appointment with an Accessibility Adviser contact our Student Welcome Desk, or email

One to One support workers

We provide and co-ordinate a range of one to one services to support you in achieving your full potential at University.  These services include:

  • Peer mentoring through our Signpost Scheme: open to all first year student at HND, Foundation or Undergraduate level to enable you to make the most of your time at University.
  • If you are disabled, have a learning difference or are managing health issues we offer Mentoring to facilitate your full and equal participation in the study related aspects of your student life. If you are autistic or have mental health difficulties we offer specialist mentoring, mainly through the Disabled Students' Allowance. 
  • If you are disabled or have a learning difference as a result of which you cannot take your own notes we aim to provide an inclusive curriculum which is accessible to all. This will include the recording of all lectures through specialist lecture capture software.
  • If you are disabled or have a learning difference we offer  Library, general support and orientation.
  • Support such as readers or scribes can be available for Examinations if you are disabled or have a learning difference, although we are also able to recommend alternative assessment where appropriate.
  • BSL signers can also be provided for students who are deaf or hearing impaired.
  • Specialist Study Skills Tutors assist disabled students or those with a learning difference with study strategies and skills, motivation, concentration or self-esteem issues.

Assessment Centre

Our assessment centre is a member of the National Network of Assessment Centres (NNAC) and is audited and accredited by DSA-QAG.

The Centre undertakes a study needs assessment for any student who is applying for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA). You do not need to be a student at Aberystwyth University to have your assessment here.

If you undertake your assessment with us can expect:

  • an assessment based upon your individual requirements;
  • an assessment which, due to the Centre’s association with the University, fully understands the demands of higher education;
  • a wide range of assistive technology available for you to see and try during the assessment;
  • advice and guidance with any stage of the DSA and assessment process, including help with ordering your equipment and arranging follow-up assessments;
  • your reports to be written and sent to your funding body as quickly as possible so that your funding is approved as soon as possible


If you are a student at Aberystwyth and you believe you have a learning difference such as dyslexia/dyscalculia we can offer you a preliminary screening assessment.

A screening assessment is very informal; it is free of charge to Aberystwyth students and usually lasts about an hour.  We talk to you about your early background and your experiences of learning in the past and present. There are a few short tests.

We will give you immediate advice and tell you whether we think you should go on to have a more formal Educational Psychologist Assessment.  We can help you to arrange this.

If you are an Aberystwyth University student and are finding it difficult to meet the cost of the Assessment, some financial help may be available.  Please ask at our Student Welcome Desk for more information or email

Educational Psychologists / Specialist Teacher Assessment

Post 16 assessments are needed for specific purposes such as determining the right to access individual examination arrangements or for applications for Disabled Students' Allowances.

If an informal screening indicates that you could benefit from a formal assessment we can help you arrange this, either locally or nearer your main home if you are not from Aberystwyth.  Charges for this type of assessment vary and how much you pay for the Assessment will depend on the individual assessor.  However, there is no charge for the help we give you to make the arrangements.