Energy Management at Aberystwyth

Energy Policy

The University has a long standing commitment to reducing energy usage and improving efficiency, coinciding with our Datganiad Polisi Amgylcheddol (Mai 2014) , Crynodeb Gweithredol Strategaeth Rheoli (Ebrill 2014), and additionally Aberystwyth's Datganiad Polisi Ynni (Mai 2014). Aberystwyth's Estates Strategy 2012-2017 also reiterates our commitment to reducing our energy consumption, acheiving an absolute 3% reduction year on year.

Implementation Plan

Aberystwyth intends to increase efficiency, reduce consumption and produce its own supply of green, renewable energy. We will do this through:

  • Good Housekeeping
    • Metering and targeting, behaviour change and training, and regular inspection and auditing.
  • ‌Demand Side Investing to Save
    • Insulation and heat recovery, lighting and controls, and building fabric upgrades.

  • Supply Side Invest to Save
    • Investment and Integration of Renewable Energy Technology

Display Energy Certificates‌‌

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) are in buildings across our campuses. These certificates show energy performances of buildings with greater than 500m2 total floor area based on actual energy consumption and carbon emissions over the past 12 months. A DEC gives an external quantifiable report on energy performance and allows a baseline level to be established. Furthermore, DECs are great visual tools for stimulating engagement with users of the buildings and demonstrating to users your environmental credentials. Aberystwyth therefore employs DECs as a successful means of monitoring, and reducing, energy consumption. You can find our DECs here.

The Built Environment

Aberystwyth's Estates Development Department have spearheaded the Energy Policy Statement objective to ensure Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Monitoring (BREEAM) 'Excellent' ratings in new university buildings and 'Very Good' in refurbishments. BREEAM provides a comprehensive environmental evaluation, assessment and rating system for buildings, which includes aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. Take a look at the new IBERS building on Penglais campus! Aberystwyth are also heavily invested in a variety of other environmentally friendly, energy saving schemes. For instance, we are currently in the process of replacing boilers across campuses with more efficient versions, installing efficient LED lighting, and retrofitting buildings to improve insulation.

Aberystwyth and Renewables

Aberystwyth University is committed to investing into renewable energy sources. As such, we already produce energy through geothermal sources and biomass generators. Additionally, we are looking into sourcing electricity and heat from CHP (combined heat and power), and wind and photo-voltaic sources. This will make Aberystwyth more sustainable and self-sufficient, relying less on energy sourced externally from non-renewable sources.  Furthermore, all of our smaller university sites are supplied by renewable energy sources from Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE). According to, SSE supplies the highest proportion of green energy out of the biggest energy suppliers. We are also running a series of behaviour change campaigns throughout the year for staff and students. Follow the below links for more info on getting involved and seeing what we have planned for the year: