Water Management at Aberystwyth

Water Consumption at Aberystwyth

Despite witnessing overall increases in water consumption in Aberystwyth since 2008, due to the absorption of the water intensive Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research and its associated agricultural land and expansion on all campuses, Aberystwyth has worked hard to reduce water consumption and increase the number and effectiveness of water efficiency schemes across campuses.

Although Aberystwyth has been successful at reducing our consumption, we want to do much more!

Implementation Plan

Aberystwyth intends to increase water efficiency, reduce consumption and produce its own supply of renewable water. We will do this through:

  • Good Housekeeping
    • Metering and targeting, behaviour change and training, and regular inspection and auditing.
  • ‌Demand Side Investing to Save
    • Upgrading infrastructure, reducing leaks, modernising facilities, improving water controls.

  • Supply Side Invest to Save
    • Investment and Integration of Renewable Water Supplies

Renewable Water at Aberystwyth

The university has already invested in the use of renewable water supplies. For example, toilets in our IBERS building on Penglais use harvested rainwater to flush, and university owned Trawscoed farm has invested in rain water harvesting technology and storage systems to become more self-sufficient thus saving water.

We are also running a series of behaviour change campaigns throughout the year for staff and students to improve water efficiency. Follow the below links for more info on getting involved and seeing what we have planned for the year: