Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges

Aberystwyth is a certified member of  the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC), a non-profit charity with a membership of over 220 universities and colleges, supporting sustainability within the UK tertiary education sector (Aberystwyth EAUC Certificate). EAUC's vision is a tertiary education sector where the principles and values of environmental, economic and social sustainability are embedded. EAUC attempt to lead, inspire and support members and stakeholders with a shared vision, knowledge and the tools they need to embed sustainability and facilitate whole institution change through the involvement of everyone in the institution, in line with their strategic framework. Specifically, EAUC run a number of projects, a professional development programme, run the biggest sustainability conference for the sector, and also run the green gown awards.

Aberystwyth University was showcased on EAUC's member spotlight in January 2015 in recognition of our commitment to sustainability through successful institutional changes and engagement campaigns!

What you can do

Sign up to EAUC to learn more and access thousands of great resources relating to sustainability. It will also allow you to find out what Aber is doing and help you get involved with sustainability initiatives across the university, Wales and the UK!

You can get involved by completing a professional development e-learning course run by EAUC. You get a free certificate and you can learn a lot! Follow this link and email sustainability@aber.ac.uk for a password to complete the course! Or sign up as a full member (and have acces to loads of great resources) and log-in to EAUC and request the course which can be found here!If you need some help contact the sustainability team at sustainability@aber.ac.uk.