As part of its participation in the EcoCampus National Award Scheme, Aberystwyth University was recently awarded the Gold standard for introducing an Environmental Management System (EMS) across the University. 

The bronze award scheme helps universities to systematically and continuously identify, evaluate, manage and improve its environmental performance and practices in various progressive phases aiming towards compliance with the European ISO14001 standard.

At Bronze level, the University has demonstrated institutional commitment through its senior management, produced an Environmental Policy Statement (May 2014), conducted a baseline review of its impact on the environment, established roles and responsibilities and evaluated training needs. 

Building on the Bronze phase, the Silver award scheme focused on setting out an approach to identifying and managing signnificant environmental impacts and aspects.  It also involved implementing a series of objectives and targets to manage these.

The EcoCampus system covers all aspects of the University's operations including: waste management, energy use, water efficiency, sustainable purchasing, construction and refurbishment, biodiversity, travel and community involvement.