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Aberystwyth University is wholly committed to the enhancement, promotion and development of sustainable practices, with the overarching aim to encourage sustainable growth and practices, both for individuals and for the institution.

Students, staff and trade union representatives - please get involved by emailing us at!

We are in the process of a staff consultation regarding the Sustainability Strategy. This consultation is will close on Wednesday 30th November 2016 (EXTENDED!). For more information, please click on the 'Environmental Policy' tab.

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Sustainability Overview 2016

Environmental Policy

Aberystwyth University Environmental Policy 2016

 Grounds Management Plans can be found here.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy

We are currently in the process of a staff and student consultation regarding the Sustainability Strategy.

Feedback can be provided on the form here and sent to The consultation will close at 12 noon, Wednesday 30th November 2016. THIS IS AN EXTENDED DEADLINE - PLEASE IGNORE DEADLINE IN THE '.PDF' DOCUMENT.

All feedback will be considered by the Sustainability Operational Group, whose membership can be found in the 'Human Resources' tab.

A Welsh language version of the following documents will be made available as soon as possible.





 Draft Aberystwyth University Sustainability Strategy Summary - Consultation Feedback Form

Draft Aberystwyth University Sustainability Strategy Summary - Consultation Feedback Form (Cymraeg)

Human Resources

The Sustainability Group and the Sustainability Operational Group assist with the development and dissemination of environmental management requirements and provisions at the University. Their expertise is drawn upon for the development of specific procedures and practices relating to environmental aspects and their associated impacts. The integration of senior management within the development of the ISO 14001 standard directly supports overarching requirements of the standard.

Key Contacts:

NameRoleContactFull/Part TimeSpecific Area(s)
Dr Heather Crump Health and Safety Advisor (Environment) Full ISO 14001, EcoCampus
Ms Janet Sanders Carbon Manager Full Energy, water, transport, behaviour change
Miss Holly Schelkens

Administrative Assistant Full Administration for Estates Development Department

For any enquiries relating to environmental management and sustainability at Aberystwyth University, please either contact one of the above individuals or contact us at

For any queries relating to the Environmental Association of Universities and Collages (EAUC), please contact Ms Janet Sanders, Wales Branch Chair on the details listed above.

Sustainability Operational Group:

This group has been set up to carry out the technical tasks and projects required by the Sustainability Group and to provide expertise and feedback to the Sustainability Group and its members.


Ms Janet Sanders

(Carbon Manager)

Dr Heather Crump

(Health and Safety Advisor (Environment))

x6 Institute Managers Head of Strategic Development Student Union CEO  
Arts Centre Assistant Operations and Planning Manager Senior Communications Officer Technical Support Manager (IS) Head of Commercial Services Head of Hospitality IBERS HS&E Head of Property Services Team
 Campus Services Manager Procurement Manager Grounds Manager Director of Information Services Postroom Manager EDD Administrative Assistant Farms Manager

Sustainability Group:

This group comprises of those in the Sustainability Operational Group with the addition of:


   Pro Vice-Chancellor, Chief Operating Officer    x6 Institute Directors  
  Space Manager   Student Union Representative  
Union Representative(s)   Student Sustainability Society Representative   Arts Centre Operations Manager
  Arts Centre Cafe Administrator   Headsof Service Departments  


Departmental Champions!

Departments took part in the NUS Green Impact behaviour change campaign and teams were formed of departmental champions, aiming to green-up their working environment! Click here for more information about Green Impact.

Green Budget:

The Sustainability Operational Group is supported by the University in a financial capacity where the NUS Live Greener campaigns have been funded for the past three years as a continual development plartform. As stated in the Environmental Policy, Aberystwyth University has and will continue to make available, appropriate resources to implement the Policy.

Environmental Audits and the EMS

Aberystwyth University is currently undertaking a four-phased (Bronze to Platinum) approach to the implementation of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 14001 standard for environmental management via the EcoCampus platform. EcoCampus is a national environmental management system and award scheme for the higher education sector. In October 2014, the University was awarded the Silver phase for EcoCampus.

Scope: The Environmental Management System covers all activities, products and services at all sites, excluding domestic dwellings, but including AU student residences

As part of Aberystwyth University’s strategy for continual improvement, the Health, Safety and Environment Department is currently undertaking an internal audit programme which will include all University Institutes and Departments. For more information regarding audits, click here.

Sustainable Food

Sustainable Food at Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth University prides itself on its sustainable food credentials, boasting some of the most environmentally friendly food outlets in higher education. Our success has largely been engendered by adhering to our sustainable and ethical food purchasing objectives and policy statements. Aberystwyth University is also a leading researcher in sustainable food sources. Additionally, the town boasts some of the best organic sustainable shops in Wales, and the best farmers market in the UK! We're planning on running campaigns throughout the year aimed at sourcing more environmentally friendly and ethical food, as well as reducing your food waste so have a look at our campaigns section and join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Aberystwyth University achieved the Bronze Food for Life award in March 2015 and are working towards achieving the Silver Food for Life Award by September 2016.

Click here for the Aberystwyth University Sustainabile and Ethical Purchasing and Food Policy Statement

Click here for the Report on Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing and Food Policy Statement 2015

Click here for the Aberystwyth University Nutrition Policy

Click here for the Aberystwyth University Fairtrade Policy

University food suppliers or catering contractors are required to meet, via their tender specification decuments to adhere by the requirements for service and supply standards, as outlined within the University Sustainable annd Ethical Purchasing and Food Policy Statement. This commitment is upheld through HEPCW and TUCO tender processes.

Green Gown Awards Finalist 2015!

O’r Pridd I’r Plât (from Farm to Fork)

Aberystwyth University is one of only a handful of universities in the UK where 30 – 40% of food spend in the University’s cafes and outlets is either sourced locally or produced on its 1000 ha of farmland. This also includes 90% of dairy products from local and Wales-wide producers and 100% of potatoes produced within a 20 mile radius.

Aberystwyth University is committed to demonstrating sustainable development through its research, teaching and facilities with embedded importance of healthy eating and food sourcing.

Aberystwyth University is proud to publicise that for the past seven years, 100% of the beef and lamb in hospitality outlets has been sourced from Aberystwyth University Farms. 

The University recently gained the Silver award Corporate Health Standard, a Wales-wide initiative to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Drinking Water:

Click here for a map of all the water fountains!

The Sports Centre also have a HydraChill refilling station and re-fillable water bottle dispenser. This system encourages consumers to reuse water containers, reducing environmental concerns relating to bottled water's energy, litter and landfill waste.

Community Garden:

Penglais Community Garden is a community growing project based on Aberystwyth University Penglais campus, just behind the Student Union. The project is directly supported by the University via the provision of land and was, in part, financed by the Student Union. It is led by staff members at Aberystwyth University and involves other staff members, students and the local community.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Facebook page here.

‌IS Green Impact Christmas Food Bank Donation Collection 2015

With all things green, and the wider community in mind, the IS Green Impact Team devised, implemented and coordinated a Christmas Foodbank donation collection and delivery for the local food bank, the Jubilee Store House Foodbank based in St. Anne’s Church in Penparcau. 

The original idea for the food bank donation came from an IS Green Impact training and feedback session held at the end of the last Green Impact Season. The Green Impact Team became more keenly aware of the urgent and increasing need for and use of food banks in the local community and of a potential gap in donations over the Christmas period for struggling local families and, therefore, decided to coordinate a collection for the foodbank amongst IS staff members.

Publicity about the collection was sent out a week and a half in advance and the collection was arranged to take place over a three day period on a table outside the staff tea room in Hugh Owen library. The publicity material included repeated e-mails to IS staff and a PDF of the Jubilee Storehouse leaflet that outlined their needs and requirements for the food they collect, including non-perishable foods, and tins within date of at least three months. There was also the need for cat and dog food and toilet rolls for example. A link to the Jubilee Storehouse Facebook group that lists urgent needs for donations each week was also circulated.  IS staff responded with great interest and enthusiasm.

Many more donations from IS staff were received than anticipated and even from some staff from other departments, who had heard about the food bank donation through the grapevine also generously contributed.  Contributions included bulk basic items, pet food, toiletries as well as Christmas food stuffs. The Collection amounted to 8 Boxes of tightly packed food stuffs and was delivered to the Jubilee Storehouse the Friday before Christmas.

St Anne’s staff were very happily surprised by the sizeable donation and were happy to use all the donations in their Christmas food bank packets. The IS Green Impact Team received many enquiries from staff members and students from other departments, and took this forward by organising another Food Bank collection drive for Easter. For any information, please contact Sue Ferguson at 1869/

Donate Leftover Food at the End of Term:

Don't throw away any items that are still useable, instead use Moving On! The Moving On Project will pass your donated items of good condition to local charities and the Students Union. For more information click here.

Other Hospitality Outlet Certifications:

  • Bronze Standard 2015

Staff and Student Engagement

Staff and student engagement projects include...

  • Green Impact
  • Blackout
  • Student Switch Off
  • Love Food Hate Waste cascade training takes place on a regular basis where staff and students are given the oportunity to take part in an interactive session to find out how to reduce food waste by using leftovers, better storage techniques and myth-busting info!
  • Travel the World
  • Bin the Bin
  • Meat Free Mondays
  • Corporate Health Standard
  • Student Sustainability Society
  • Green Week
  • Fairtrade Fortnight
  • EAUC Membership

Staff are required to undertake the Health and Safety e-learning module on Environmental Awareness which covers the following topics:

  1. Environmental impact
  2. Climate change and carbon footprint
  3. Energy use
  4. Travel
  5. Waste
  6. Policy and guidelines

Environmental campaigns active at the University are also covered on the new staff induction.

Sustainability Education

Sustainable Development Education and Research at Aberystwyth

Education is the means through which sustainable development can be achieved. It enables people to develop the knowledge, values and skills to participate in decisions about the way we do things, individually and collectively, locally and globally, that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet of the future. Education for Sustainable Development is not a subject in itself, but a holistic educational approach. In recognition of this, the integration of sustainability into education is one of Aberystwyth's main aims in the Strategic Plan to 2017. Several national and international policy developments have also compounded Aberystwyth's commitments to sustainable education, making the case for it stronger.

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) is a scheme run by the Welsh Government which seeks to give learners, at all stages of education, an understanding of the impact of their choices on other people, the economy and the environment. ESDGC aims to challenge learners to see how they can contribute to the lives of others.  It is being mainstreamed across all higher education institutions and embedded in a wide range of subjects.

UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014)

Launched in 2005, the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (pdf) means including key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning; for example, climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction, and sustainable consumption. It also requires participatory teaching and learning methods that motivate and empower learners to change their behaviour and take action for sustainable development. Education for Sustainable Development consequently promotes competencies like critical thinking, imagining future scenarios and making decisions in a collaborative way. Aberystwyth has taken these insights on board in the development of its own sustainable teaching and education strategies.

Sustainability Research at Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth also undertakes world leading research in environmental issues and sustainability, from animal and microbial sciences, environmental impact, genome diversity key research themes  and environmental enterprise schemes in the IBERS department, to glaciology, environmental change, river hydrology and dynamics, Earth and ecology observation, environment and society research in the DGES department.

Carbon, Energy and Water Management

Carbon, Energy and Water Management

Follow one of the below links to find out more about how we're managing our carbon, energy, and water consumption and impacts.